Monday, March 21, 2005

Any James Marstars fans out there?

I feel almost giddy! I don't normally get the TV Digest magazine, but the mailman (acting under the influence of Fate's manipulations, no doubt) delivered the neighbor's magazine to me. As I prepared to carry it next door to rectify the error, I decide to breeze through it and see if there was anything of interest. Boy, was there. I found an article about James Marstars!

As most of you know, James Marstars played the character of Spike on the Buffy and, then later, Angel TV shows. I loved this character and, personally, don't believe any actor could have played it as well as James Marstars. For what was probably meant to be a secondary, here-today and gone-tomorrow character, Spike became "da man" quickly. I was already addicted to watching Buffy, loved all the characters and actors/actresses, but after Spike became part of the show, I became obssessive about not missing an episode. I even found time to watch Angel when he jumped over to that show.

Okay - I digress. The article! It would seem that the powers that be are considering resurrecting Spike and giving him his own TV show!! Hence - the giddiness. (Am I just the last to know this? Has anyone heard anything else about this?)

Just wanted to share the good news! :-)

Robin (obviously a huge Spike the Bad Boy vampire fan.)


Y said...

Hi Robin!

Definitely a Spike/James Masters fan, there's a certain suave, charming air about him!

Michelle said...

Robin, did you prefer the Buffy/Angel relationship or the Buffy/Spike one?

I am a HUGE Buffy fan since season one. I even have a tattoo to prove it. And, indirectly, a novel I wrote. :-)


Robin T. Popp said...

Hi Yolanda and Michelle,

I agree. Spike is definitely suave and charming.

I liked the Angel/Buffy relationship up until Spike came on the show. Maybe it's because I liked Spike more than Angel - or maybe I just like those love/hate, full of denial type relationships.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate Angel, but his emotional spectrum struck me as pretty limited (at least on the Buffy shows).

One thing I didn't like about Spike and Buffy's relationship was how long it took to develop - IMHO, Buffy could have admitted how she felt about Spike earlier (ie, not so close to the end of the series).

Speaking of how it ended, I wasn't fond of the entire last season or that last episode. Not very satisfying. What did you think?

Like you, I was a big fan. I don't have the tatoo, :-) but I've definitely allowed Spike to influence my writing. He's one of the reasons I decided to write vampire romances. I love the persecuted bad boy image.


Temperley said...

I couldn't watch the ending of BTVS, so I'm still in denial of the show being off the air. *GGG* But as for Angel, heck yes I was disappointed in how it ended. Concerning Spike, I was obsessed with JM during Buffy's fourth and fifth season, but not during the 6th and 7th.

Y said...

Robin, I agree with the Buffy/Spike relationship. I was quite frustrated with the way that Buffy kept denying her feelings for him... it was like, "admit it already, come on!"

I watched the entire last season and enjoyed it, though I don't think anything would've been entirely satisfying because I didn't want it to end. I thought the direction it took overall was a little strange, but in the end it came good. I loved Spike's sacrifice, and the way he turned up in "Angel". I enjoyed "Angel" but I think adding Spike to the cast was a definite PLUS. He was hilarious! I loved him in the muppet episode when he's fighting 'muppet angel".

I hope they do release a show with him in it. I also heard rumours - just rumours at the moment - that since he narrates the Jim Butcher Dresden Files audio novels 1 and 2, he may star in the upcoming movie! Now wouldn't that be cool?

Anyway, I could keep writing and writing and writing...

Robin T. Popp said...

I didn't know he narrated the Dresden audio books - I might have to get those just so I can listen to him!! :-) It would be cool if he showed up in the movie - which I didn't know was being made. I'm so out of it.

I thought ANGEL was better for adding Spike and the muppet episode was definitely a hoot. I thought the shower scene with Fred, when Spike's invisible and trying to get her help was really great too - loved that one.


Kathi said...

I love Spike. I always thought Angel was a bit of a dweeb. I would love to see a show with Spike as the main character, but I don't see how he could have survived the last episode of Angel. Of course, he didn't survive the last episode of Buffy and still showed up on Angel, so anything is possible. Also, I don't think there are too many more story lines not used by Angel and Buffy.