Thursday, March 10, 2005

Hey, Kittens!

Hey there, and welcome, and thanks for joining us! This blog was Michelle Rowen's brainchild, so many thanks to her -- as far as I'm concerned, I can never have enough forums to babble randomly. LOL.

It's a beautiful day in San Francisco (I guess it's Spring??), and I'm DYING to go outside, but I'll dutifully remain at my desk until my five pages are written. I'm finishing up BEAUTY AND THE SPY, the first book in a trilogy for Warner (now how did I want the story to end, again?? Just kidding), and winding up some promotional-type activities for TO LOVE A THIEF, out in April. Oh, and reading my horoscope online, and, and talking on the phone, and brushing the cat (he's tangly)... Um, I guess the focus is a little scattered today. I'd better go to the park to get it all out of my system...and then work until midnight or so tonight. Most of my inspiration seems to kick in after 9. p.m., anyway. (At least that's today's rationale).

How's that for an inaugural blog post?? Looking forward to popping in here often, though!

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