Friday, April 08, 2005

Better Late Than Never

Hi all!

Chiming in late due to a deadline that was complicated by that awful flu that hangs around for weeks, a massive home remodeling project, funerals, children's wrecked cars, and loss of my beloved dog. I made it -- the deadline that is. But for the past six weeks, there hasn't been anything but writing, writing, eating chocolate, writing, eating chocolate, writing (you get the picture). The book is done. And I'm on a diet.

Deep breath.

Now, I feel much better.

I've really enjoyed reading all of the other clever posts. Hopefully, I'll toss in something clever myself after my brain recovers from post-deadline-oatmeal state. That said, I'm very happy with ON BLUE FALLS POND. And now I might actually have time to read my recent release (PROMISES TO KEEP) in real book form! Ah, yes, a book and just one more piece of chocolate....

Best to all, and I promise to have something more interesting next time ... of course, to write my next interesting blog, I'll have to allow myself more chocolate.


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