Sunday, September 25, 2005

Blog Wuss

This is my first real blog post. I don't blog. I journal. Just check out my online diary at my website,, and you'll see what I mean. It's a place I post and no one else gets to. Why? Control. And fear.

Let me explain.

At my site I write, and others read it and maybe someone will email me privately, and maybe someone won't, but that's it. End of story. I don't have to worry about a firestorm. I don't have to worry about being publically flogged. I just write and post and move on to the next thing in my life because there's so much in life I want to do besides write. I'm a travel freak. Love, love, love jumping on and off planes, cruising through airports, sitting on and dreaming up new places to go and how to get there. I love my kids. Love my friends. And I want to read a million novels. And I can't do all that if I'm always writing, or only writing, or worrying about what people think of my writing.

And blogs I've learned involve lots of writing, and lots of worrying. Blogs as you know invite discussion, dissension, even criticism. And I'm fine with all of the above, as long as I'm not expected to defend myself. I'm forty now. Which means I've no desire to defend myself about anything. In fact, my new post forty mantra seems to be, "Bring it On." Which probably translates into Jane-shouldn't-blog-because-she'll-put-her-foot-in-her-mouth-all-the-time. Yous see, here's the fear part of me blogging---I'll alienate one or everyone and then I'll hear about it and then I'll become all apologetic and too sensitive and I'll go back to being the pre-forty me which worried more about pleasing others than herself.

And I can't do that. I have to grow up. I have to have my own opinions, act as I see fit, and not worry about criticism.

In short, I can't be a wuss.

Not even a blog wuss.

Which brings me to the blogs I'll write for Warner Women. I'll only be posting once a month (the 25th of every month) and being an Aquarius born in the year of the Dragon, I think in tangents, which is to say my blogs will be random and not necessarily coherent, but I do welcome input and will write and will be myself. The other part of the deal is that you've got to be yourself, too, and not worry about what others--including me--will think. Say what you want to say, be who you want and need to be, and let's have the best, more interesting and fulfilling life we can imagine.



Anonymous said...

Dear Jane,

What a pleasure to see you here!

There may be trolls out in the blog woods, but there are many more fabulous, generous people. If you write, they will come :-)

I look forward to reading about your thoughts.

Good luck hugs,
Danielle C.

Jane Porter said...

Hi Danielle C,

I do believe you're a reader that's read me before. :)

Thanks for the welcome. It's great to be a Warner Woman!


Kristen said...

Lovely opening blog.

It's good to see you here.