Sunday, September 04, 2005

For the Love of Dogs: Road Tripping

Tomorrow is a big day.
Tomorrow I get in my pick up truck with my husband, two 90 lb dogs and a bunch-o-luggage, and we drive.
And drive.
And drive.
We start in Maine and end in Oregon. Yep, that's 3300 miles for those who are keeping track.

Are we moving cross country? Nope.
Are we taking three weeks to see our country? Nope.
Are we insane? Probably.

See, this is how it is. I live on the west coast. My family lives on the east coast. Everyone's hanging out at the family homestead on a lake this summer, and I wanted to be there! As an author, I can go for the summer, which is great. But I wanted to bring my dogs and I won't fly them cargo. So we drive. All of us packed in an extended cab truck as we endure fifteen hour days on the road. We drive from dark to dark, get subway take out and eat in the car, crash for a few hours each night.

But you know what? It's worth it. My dogs love to travel. They're so cute snuggling up on top of each other as we all bond in the cab. We got satellite radio so we can listen to the Red Sox games. And once we got to the lake, it was all worth it. We had the best summer, but now it's time to hit the road again.


It was worth it, but right now, twelve hours before we leave, it's not looking like so much fun. If it wasn't for the dogs, we'd fly. But we drive. We did it last year, we'll do it this year and we'll do it next year. The things we do for love. And there is nothing more pure that the love of a dog. They change our lives for the better every day, and I'd drive 3300 miles for them any week of the year. See below for a photo of my sweeties.

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Trish Milburn said...

Have a good trip, Steph. And you know I think the dogs are adorable.

Love the new Warner Women blog.