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Can you tell us about your new book?

In NOTHING TO FEAR (August 2005, Warner Books), Dana Dupinsky is the director of Hanover House, a shelter for women who are escaping abusive men.  Hanover House is Dana's life, and she's dedicated herself to protecting the women who come through her doors.  What she doesn't know is that her newest client is not running from an abusive spouse.  Sue is a vicious, ruthless killer, bent on revenge.  Sue's kidnapped young Alec Vaughn as part of her plan, but Sue needs a place to hide as she pulls all the details of her revenge into place.  What better place than a shelter whose director would gladly give her life to protect her clients? 

Ethan Buchanan is a former Marine, injured while tracking terrorists in the Afghani desert.  He's also Alec Vaughn's godfather, and Alec's parents turn to him with a desperate plea for Ethan's help in finding their son.  Alec's kidnapper has threatened to kill him if they call the police and has left hideously convincing proof that they're not bluffing.  Ethan and Dana's paths cross and while they both are trying to do the right thing, things get much worse as they try fulfill their responsibilities--Dana to her clients, Ethan to his godson.  But through it all they turn to each other ...  For the rest, read NOTHING TO FEAR!

Here's what Romantic Times said about NOTHING TO FEAR! "In the pantheon of horrific killers, Sue Conway surely ranks near the top.  This book is filled with heart-stopping suspense and graphic terror. Rose is making her mark on the suspense genre.  4 1/2 stars, TOP PICK!"

What was your favorite part about writing this book?

I think the twist, which I can't tell you about, LOL.  Also, the romance between Ethan and Dana.  They have such a wonderful relationship together.

If this book was made into a movie, who would you pick to star in it?

Well, in my mind, Dana was always Detective Olivia Benson, from Law and Order, SVU (I'm a L&O junkie!).  Ethan is big and blond and gentle.  Not sure who I'd have play him...

What are you working on right now?

I just finished my fifth novel - YOU CAN'T HIDE which will be released April, 2006.   Aidan Reagan (he's Abe's brother from I'M WATCHING YOU) is the hero.  He is called to the scene of what appears to be a suicide, but which Aidan and his partner Murphy quickly realize is a cold, planned murder.  The victim has been psychologically tortured into jumping twenty-two stories to her death.  Is the master manipulator Dr. Tess Ciccotelli, the victim's psychiatrist?  Or is Tess a victim herself?  I'll be posting excerpts on my website soon!

Now, I'm starting my sixth novel - more to come on this in the near future...

Where do you get your ideas?

From the newspaper, sometimes from inside my own mind, which is kind of scary to consider, ha!

What is the best advice you could give an aspiring writer?

First of all, sit down and write.  Second, surround yourself with supportive writers who will be able to help guide you in craft and career and who will be able to commiserate when things are bad and rejoice when things are good.  The Romance Writers of America is a great place to start, even if you don't write romance.  Finally, don't write to get published.  Write because you must, because the people in your head will simply not be silenced. 

What is your favorite movie of all time?

Chariots of Fire. 

Favorite book?

I have to say the BORN IN trilogy by Nora Roberts.  That's really three books, but who's counting :-)

Favorite television show?

LAW & ORDER!!!  I love Lennie and Elliot and Olivia and Munch. 

Favorite author?

Oh, hard question.  I'm going to cheat and give my top faves - Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, Ken Follett, Lavyrle Spencer

If you were stranded on a deserted island with one person, living or dead, who would you like it to be?

Preferably somebody who knew how to escape from a desert island...  Seriously, my husband.  I don't think he would know how to escape, but my days would be full of laughter.  And he can cook. 
If on that island you could only listen to 2 CDs, what would they be? 

Garth Brooks, THE HITS and Yanni IN THE MIRROR (something about a mirror, anyway)

If you weren't a writer, what would you like to do for a living?

What I do for a part-time living now - teach chemistry and physics in high school.

What are a few of your favorite websites? - this is a hilarious website that tells you all the things you should do should you ever decide to take over the world. 

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