Thursday, October 13, 2005

The dreaded to-do list ...

I'm a scientist, actually.  Really.  I have an engineering diploma and two U.S. patents to prove it :-)  One of the fundamental laws of nature is that stuff expands. Energy spreads out.  It's kind of like a teenager's bedroom.  Their stuff expands until the bedroom walls can't hold it in anymore.  This I know as I have a teenager of my own.  Unfortunately, I can't chide her too much for her room because mine looks just as bad.  Oops, now you know I'm a bad housekeeper.  Just don't tell anyone...
The problem is, it's not just the energy of the universe and teenagers' bedroom mess that expands.  No, I'm not even going to start on expanding waistlines.  That would be the painful subject of another blog, and I have my head stuck in the sand over that one anyway.  I like carbs and if I don't eat chocolate, my characters won't get romantic for me.  It's extortion by fictional people, really.  But I digress, which I tend to do a lot.  Usually I can find my way back without breadcrumbs.
Today I'm thinking about the stuff I do all day long.  My to-do list.  Responsibilities...  Have you ever wished for more hours in the day?  I have.  Problem is, I know if I had more hours I'd just fill them up with more stuff.  As a full-time writer, a part-time high school teacher, a full-time mom and wife ... my to-do list expands to fit the amount of time I have.  I've come to accept that as one of the laws of my nature :-)
I guess the trick is to make all the things on the to-do list correspond with the things that are most important.  Sometimes that's the hardest thing on the list to do - so many things vying for time.  "Finish me!  Finish me!".  Then something happens to make me step back and look at the list again.  A hurricane or an earthquake.  I think I'll take another look at my list.  But first I'm going to kiss my kids and my husband. 
Take care,
Karen Rose
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