Thursday, October 20, 2005

It's on the shelves!

This is the month my second Warner book, THE MARRIAGE BARGAIN, is out on bookshelves,
and I have to say, having your second "child" is almost as exciting as the first!
I happened to be in New York City on Oct 1, the release date. My high school friend Barbara and I met for a NY weekend, because she wanted to see Michael Ball (British musical theatre star of the original Phantom of the Opera) who was performing in Gilbert & Sullivan's Patience. 'Wanting to see' puts it too mildly. HAD to see. Would mow people down to see. So besides enjoying the performance--Michael Ball really lights up the stage--we also HAD to hang around the stage door for him to come out. The really mind boggling thing about this is, a *long* time ago, Barbara and I did much the same thing when we went to see the Beatles! We were luckier this time. Here's Barbara with Michael Ball.

All that has nothing to do with the release of my book except that it puts me in New York! We saw Michael Ball on a Friday and on Saturday we walked around looking for a bookstore in order to see if my book was on the shelves. We found a Barnes & Noble nearby and searched for my book in the Romance section. It was not there,but that was because it was in the new books section where it was nicely facing out! Here's the proof--me with THE MARRIAGE BARGAIN!

Barbara bought the book and I signed what they had in stock--22 copies!!
But that is not the end of our adventure. We decided over breakfast that we didn't like our hotel because it was too far away from all the NY action and we discovered the Marriot Marquis right in Times Square. So we went in and talked to Tamika at the Reservation desk who helped us get out of our other hotel and found us a nice deal on a room there. In gratitude, I pulled my book out of Barbara's bag and gave it to Tamika! She was lovely enough to be excited about receiving a romance novel from a real romance author. I signed it for her, and we hurried back to the other hotel to make the switch. We went on to see The Producers and have drinks at Sardis and sit at an outdoor cafe and talk and talk and talk, just like high school days.
What could be better? Seeing THE MARRIAGE BARGAIN on the shelves, with its yummy hero on the cover. Being with my oldest friend (or, I should say, my friend for the most number of years, because we are definitely NOT old!). And in New York City!
It was a great time and a great memory!
All the best,

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Julia Templeton said...

Congratulations on the release of your second book!
Sounds like you had a wonderful time in NY with your friend. I recently spent a long weekend with a girlfriend and came home rejuvenated.