Monday, October 24, 2005

One of the best times for a writer . . .

Is when she gets her new cover and loves it!

The new Warner cover is here and I'm so excited. I love the look.

There are a lot of times in a writer's life when writing is just not fun. For instance I have a Nov.1 deadline for one book with 70 pages left to write and another book due Nov 22 with 200 pages left to write. Not that I'm complaining about having a lot of work. But for the next month, I'll have my head in the computer 24/7 and be doubting my competency and creativity at every turn.

What helps make it doable are great covers and wonderful ad copy and terrific editors who understand when you're a neurotic mess.

I also received the galley's for YOU ONLY LOVE TWICE last week and diligently trying to squeeze it in with my other work. The cool thing about galleys is that you finally get to see how the book turned out. I have to say I'm really happy.

See, I based this book on my mother. It's about a conspiracy theory comic book artist who runs afoul of a sexy ex-Navy SEAL. Not that my mom is a comic book artist, nor did she run afoul of a Navy SEAL, but she is a conspiracy theoriest extraordinaire. She can tell you things that will curl your hair. Most of it is farfetched and pretty outlandish, but darn if there isn't a bit of truth in those theories. That's what makes them so compelling. If nothing else, it's great fodder for fiction.

I didn't have much of a point here. Just admiring my cover and procrastinating about getting back to work. Anybody else out there know any conspiracy theorists? What's the wildest theory you've ever heard?

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Michelle Rowen said...

I loooove that cover, Lori! Wow! Gorgeous!