Thursday, October 20, 2005

Shara Lily Martini Lee Jean Epstein Quinn

I love to write about characters who are somewhat untamed, a bit menacing. Usually, this description pertains to my heroes, but today I'd like to tell you about a girl as feral as any of my most hardened warriors.

She struts arrogantly down the street, chest out, haughty chin tilted, a wild gleam in her tawny eyes that asks even the biggest, hairiest bully who passes, "You want a piece 'a me?"

She is a killer who stalks her hapless prey with the diligence and stealth of a lioness, pouncing with chilling accuracy. A merciless beast, she prefers to toy with her victims before killing them, taking great joy in tossing their stunned bodies into the air, and then kicking them across the floor. I've personally witnessed her ripping the wings from an innocent fly and then traipsing away happily, tongue dangling from her lips.

But even Frankenstein's monster had a gentle side, and this particular monster is no different. She has the tenderest touch, and has been known to seduce the hearts of many men with just one kiss, which usually involves a good amount of tongue. Her best friend, a hot, shaggy blonde guy with the patience of an angel, has often been the recipient of her most loving kisses. But the second his back is turned she steals his possessions and hides them with a cunning deliberation that would make Blackbeard proud.
WARNING: If you ever happen upon this hellion, guard your ankles at all costs!

Her name is Shara Lily Martini Lee Jean Epstein Quinn, and she is two pounds of fierce, primitive, fearless Chihuahua. I bought her as a gift to my daughter with my first advance, but she is truly a gift to us all. Our tiny beast-ette protects us with her life from such threatening terrors as bicycles, other peoples’ shoes, fireworks, shadows, and of course, other dogs. It is of utmost importance that she greet us with her fangs clamped down on her favored toy (a trait I have yet to figure out.) She’s our joy, our love, our little monster.

Angel? or...... Devil?

The hot, shaggy guy. Our precious, patient boy, Snowball, who often suffers the indignity of being dressed up by my daughters.


Michelle Rowen said...

I think I'm in love. I adore Chihuahuas. Love that pic where she's got the "what you lookin' at" thing going on. :-)

Julia Templeton said...

VERY cute!
I can see why she brings you so much joy :).

Julie Anne Long said...

That might be the cutest bloody dog I've ever seen, Paula!!

Paula Quinn said...

Thank you, guys. She's a trip. I've yet to see her afraid of anything. We have to be extra careful with her here on the sidewalks of NYC. She seems to think that anything with wheels is out to kill us, including baby carriages.

Michele said...

How adorable!
Nice to see balance in the blogosphere.
So far, all I've seen are cute kitties. Yours is the first friendly pooch site I've had the pleasure of visiting.
Thank you for the smiles!!

As far as Angel or Devel? Hands down, absolutely Angel! Angels have their defending nature and are tenacious when it comes to justice....she's definitely your angel.

Lori Wilde said...

Oooh, she's so aforable. Makes me want a new puppy. Except my old dog would hate me forever.