Wednesday, October 19, 2005

To Write - Or Not To Write?

At the end of every deadline, I have a serious discussion with myself.

"Candy, you idiot!" I say. "Is writing really worth what you put yourself through to get the #$@& book finished and turned in on time?"

Every time I always answer, "No, it isn't worth it. I'm never writing another book as long as I live."

Now, this is the part where I hope to evoke at least a little sympathy from dear readers who are taking time to read my post on this wonderful Warner Women's blog that my fabulous fellow Warner authors have so graciously allowed me to join.

Let me assure you, sympathy was NOT the reaction I received from those terrified people I ran off the road last Friday (the last day of my most recent deadline) on my race to the Post Net place before 6:00pm so I could mail my manuscript on time. Trust me. The shout-outs I received were not praise for finishing my manuscript. And if memory serves me correctly, you're supposed to use ALL of your fingers when you send someone a friendly wave.

Nor, I might add, was the little old lady on a walker crossing in front of me as I roared into the Post Net parking lot, the least bit sympathetic with my plight. She stopped dead still in the middle of the road and politely decided to look through her big-as-a-house purse. NOT what I needed when it was already 5:45pm. But being a compassionate soul, and I truly am, I took a deep breath and slowly counted to ten.  Then to fifteen. Twenty. Twenty-two. Twenty-five long seconds is what I counted. "Granny!" I finally yelled. "I've got to mail this manuscript! Could you please move your slow butt out of my way!" Ahem. The name she called me turned the air as blue as her tightly-permed hair.

It was exactly 5:50pm when I finally made it into the Post Net store, but the UPS guy definitely wasn't sympathetic. Cute, yes. But NOT sympathetic. He was on his way out the door (having already picked up what he thought were all of the last-minute packages) when I flew into the Post Net place, wild-eyed from no sleep in a week, wearing the same pajamas I'd had on for days, and with my hair standing straight out on end. I yelled "Catch" to the Post Net guy and threw him my manuscript, and I had no choice but to tackle Mr. What Can Brown Do For You? right in the middle of the store. The poor guy hit the floor with a nasty thud, and I did apologize, truly I did. But just to be on the safe side, I sat on top of him until the Post Net guy placed my manuscript on top of the neat stack of packages already secured to his dolly.

Before the cops arrived, I hurriedly left the Post Net store, fully convinced that the headlines in my local paper the next morning would read: SEARCH CONTINUES FOR CRAZED ROMANCE AUTHOR IN HER PAJAMAS WHO ATTACKED LOCAL UPS MAN AT THE POST NET STORE. And that's when I again had that same serious discussion I always have with myself after a deadline.

This time, however, I made myself a promise. Before I changed my mind (as I always do) I would go home and e-mail my editor with the news that I never intended to write another book as long as I lived.  Amen!

As so, when I got back home, I went straight to my office, turned on the computer, and got on-line to write my editor a nice farewell note. But when my e-mail thingy popped up, the first subject line I saw was from a fellow author that read: Check out your terrific Publisher's Weekly review for MR. DESTINY (my upcoming November 2005 release) on

I honed in on the word "terrific."

And yes, like a big dummy, I couldn't resist going to Amazon to check it out.

"Candy, you idiot," I told myself, a huge grin spreading across my face as I read the PW review.  "Maybe you should nix that farewell note to your editor."

And so I did.

At least until my next deadline.

Candy Halliday

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MaryF said...

OMG, I'm laughing my butt off! This is great!