Sunday, October 23, 2005

When Is Sunday Ever Fun?

You would think that since I don't have to be in an office tomorrow, the hideousness of Monday wouldn't apply to me at all.

You would think wrong.

As I believe I mentioned before, I'm easily led astray. Each Monday I start anew: new Weight Watchers flex points, new week in which to exceed expectations re: the gym, my writing, my commitment to housework.

Each week goes something like this:

Monday: IT IS ON. I will get up at 5:30, have a brisk jog, tend to various chores, write 2,000 words, and reply to all outstanding email. At 8:30am, I will go to the gym. Midday: I will eat VERY LOW FAT/CALORIE meal, continue writing, WRITE ALL DAY. Around 5:30pm I will stop working and clean the entire house, including behind the toilet, which does not clean itself no matter how I ignore it. A long walk after a lovely salad for dinner and it's off to a blissful, restful sleep!

Tuesday: Okay. So I got to the gym yesterday. But today! Today I will forget about all those blogs I have to catch up on, to say nothing of celebrity gossip. Straight to work! And it's too bad about the pizza, but no one's perfect, it's not a DIET it's a LIFESTYLE CHANGE, and CHANGE TAKES TIME.

Wednesday: Don't they call this hump day? And, tragically, not for naughty and/or fun reasons? ...I suppose I should write SOMETHING... Just as soon as I finish this email. And that blog entry. And maybe I should Google myself... (again.)

Thursday: Must write something-- anything-- hey, is that a new show on TiVo? Did I miss Veronica Mars? Who put those M&M's in the kitchen? And yes, I would LOVE to go out tonight and consume my body weight in Mexican food, thanks!

Friday: THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY! Woot! I'm going OUT because I am TIRED and it's the WEEKEND, baby!!!

Saturday: (Well. There's always next week.)

Sunday: Tomorrow. Definitely. Tomorrow this is BOOT CAMP, people. TOMORROW.

Which is why I hate Sundays. Don't you?


Michele said...

It sounds like you have the old New Years Resolution syndrome every week. Instead of going through the motions through an entire year, you manage to experience the highs and low's in one week! Very draining but can be filled with possibilities and optimism.
"LIFE, it's what you make it."
As far as tune goes, Think Beef, its what's for dinner kind of backround.....always liked that catchy riff.

Julie Anne Long said...

Hey Megan -- You should mix it up and start your resolutions on oh, say, Wednesday...then you can dread Tuesdays for awhile, and Sunday will be just another fun day (to paraphrase The Bangles). Just for a little variety. I know: You're welcome! I'm always so helpful that way.

Michelle Rowen said...

As someone speaking from Day Job land, Mondays are the only day that really sucks. Well, followed closely by Tuesday - Friday, that is.

Megan Crane said...

Why wait a year when you can do it every week?

DRAMA, people. It's all about the DRAMA.

Julie: I like your idea. I think next week I'll start the dread on Tuesday, just to see what happens...