Friday, November 25, 2005

A day late and but still thankful.

Yesterday was my turn to blog. It was Thanksgiving. I was doing the family thing and oops, forgot that it was my turn, but here I am, to make amends.

I love Thanksgiving because it is about being grateful. Expressing gratitude for our many, many blessings. It's something we should reflect on every day, not just once a year.

This year besides all my usual blessing, I'm also thankful for my cat.

See on Monday my husband went out to feed the ducks and my cat, Halloween, (Three years ago she shows up on our doorstep as a tiny black kitten, hiding in a pumpkin we had the front porch, the day before Halloween, hence her name) followed after him. She'd normally quite a well behaved kitty. She never ever goes out into the road in front of our house, that unfortunately resembles the busy highway from Pet Semintary (You can see where this is headed right?) But for some reason, this time, while hubby is feeding the ducks, Halloween decides she's going to explore that stretch of asphalt. My husband hears a car horn honk. He turns around in time to see a small compact car slow down, but still hit Halloween.

Black kitty is airborn, catapulted to the other side of the road. Hubby, knowing I will freak, prudently does not tell me what's happened. He goes across the road to retireve her little body, but the weeds are very high and the traffic is fierce and he's forced to give up the search.

Meanwhile I'm calling and calling and calling for Halloween. Hubby finally breaks the bad news. It's back out to the weeds. The grass is thigh high and filled with thorny things (We live in Texas where there's lots of thorny things in the weeds) We search for over an hour and can't find the cat's body. I'm sobbing and barely have the heart to finish the book I have due the next day, but it must be done, so I soilder on. Hubby puts away Halloween's things because I burst into tears every time I see them.

Then yesterday, as I'm running around preparing the Thanksgiving feast, I hear something at the back door. Yep, it's Halloween. Looking skinny, acting skittish but damn if she isn't a alive without a scratch on her.

So this Thanksgiving, besides all my other blessings, I'm grateful to announce that Halloween now has a middle name. Halloween Lazarus. But I have to ask, what is it with this cat and holidays?


Julie Anne Long said...

Oh, Lori! I choked up as I read this. I'm so glad Halloween is safe and sound. They really are miraculous, kitties are...and my cat, Domenic, is always part of the list of things I'm grateful for, when I make that list. It's so odd, because one of my sister's cats got out somehow last night -- he's practically a baby, and he's never been outside before -- and she still can't find him today, and it's pouring rain. Your story gives us hope he'll come home safe and sound. Resourceful, capricious, hardy little creatures, cats are.

MaryF said...

Oh, I love a happy ending! So glad Halloween is home!

Lori Wilde said...

Halloween is sitting in my lap as I'm typing this. She just got a small piece of Thanksgiving turkey and she looks quite grateful.

Diane Perkins said...

Oh, I could just feel your pain! Poor Halloween. I'm so glad she came back to you.