Saturday, November 26, 2005

Late, And Really Bad Excuses

I was supposed to post yesterday and forgot. The 25th of every month is my day and I like remembering, like doing what I've agreed to do.

Thankfully someone else remembered to post. Whew. The 25th didn't slide by forgotten.

So what was I doing yesterday? The leftover Thanksgiving dishes and then leftover Thanksgiving laundry, and then it was time to make a Thanksgiving day after lunch. And that was just until noon. In the afternoon there was Christmas shopping with the boys, and then there were the kids friends coming over, and later a Blockbuster rental of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. That's my life. Not very literary, is it?

Truly, I haven't been writing enough, haven't been doing anything enough but being a mom and even then its apparently not enough as I get random emails from parents of kids at my sons' school. They write to tell me that my boys miss me and never see me because I'm always working. Sigh. I'm *not* always working. But I do sit at my computer a lot. I pay my bills online now. Have email. Google searches. Research. I book all my travel online. Do shopping online. And every now and then, I actually open a Word document and write.

I did write today. I wrote all day. I am very proud of myself. I started before nine am and finished after five pm and only took time away to shower, brush teeth, feed kids, settle boys fights, feed them again, and make myself ice coffee. I finished a chapter and wrote half of another chapter and when I returned after dinner to print my days work, I discovered I'd lost a chapter I'd written previously. The whole chapter 2 was gone. Vanished. And I'd never printed out chapter 2. Have no notes, no back up, no hard copy, no soft copy, nothing. Nada.

Okay. I cried. I fumed. I did search on my computer. I looked through all my old notes. Looked for anything to help me rebuild the chapter and its all gone. That's when I went and watched Scooby Doo with my youngest. It was that or cry some more.

Now it's time for bed and I only just remembered that yesterday was my official blog day. At least I remembered before it was absolutely too late. At least I tried to make up for my shortcomings.

And maybe tomorrow morning when I wake I'll discover that the Microsoft Word Fairy visited my house and returned my missing chapter.

And maybe I'll win the lottery.

And maybe I'll just go to bed and wake up and write the @$#%! chapter all over again like a good little writer should.

Jane Porter


Lori Wilde said...


Ouch on losing that chapter. Been there, know how painful it is. Plus you always feel the version that got lost was better than the version you end up writing the second time around. Hugs!

Britta Coleman said...

Oh, Jane. That so stinks. I lost an entire ending once and I thought I'd never recover. My only consolation was the same thing Lori said - I convinced myself the new version was by far superior and having the original would have only bogged it down. Still, I would have paid money for that draft! Hugs, Britta