Sunday, November 20, 2005

Pride & Prejudice...& Obsession by Diane Perkins

I love a good love story. This is probably no shocking revelation coming from a romance novelist, but I really love a good love story. It is the only kind of story I want to read, and certainly the only kind of story I want to write. I also love the Regency time period, the era of stately country houses, ladies dressed in beautiful empire-waisted dresses, men in neckcloths and breeches or bright military uniforms. I have the best of all worlds writing Regency Historical Romance, fantasizing life in that elegant time period, dreaming up yummy heroes and spirited heroines, and then watching them fall in love. What a job!

So when the trailers for the new movie Pride & Prejudice started appearing online and on TV, I knew I'd love it. I loved the Pride & Prejudice television mini-series, after all. And though I could not imagine a better Mr. Darcy than Colin Firth, I was very optimistic about the movie, because it was clear that it would add an element of sensuality to the beloved Jane Austen tale. So I seized upon the opportunity to see the movie as soon as I could.

And, oh, I was not disappointed. It is a beautiful film. It is a wonderful love story! Matthew MacFadyen is a magnificent Darcy. From the moment he first sees Elizabeth Bennett, you can tell he is smitten. He is just so palpably in love, the kind of first love a young man does not know what to do with. And when he declares himself to Lizzie (played to perfection by Keira Knightly), he speaks the beautiful language of Jane Austen with all the passion that could be desired. And, if that were not wonderful enough, all this is set against the beautiful English Landscape. Sigh!

Needless to say, as soon as I got home from the movie, I searched the internet for more information about it. Looked up every photo of Macfadyen that could be found. Two days later I went to see the movie again, and loved it the same. Two days after that I badgered my husband to go see it ("You'll find out what I'm trying to do in my writing," I told him). He loved the movie, too. I have plans with my Regency Romance writing friends to see it again on Tuesday. And I have a contest going with my friend Carol to see which one of us sees the movie the most times. The loser has to treat the winner to another showing of Pride & Prejudice.

This is so much fun! I love being all caught up in a movie like this. It's like being a teenager again. It is like being Lizzie and Darcy, falling in love all over again.


See what I mean?

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Diane Perkins aka "The Obsessed"


Michelle Rowen said...

I'm off to see P&P today. I can't wait!

Megan Crane said...

I am SO OBSESSED with this movie! I'm seeing it again tomorrow!!

Diane Perkins said...

Hey, Megan, want to enter the contest? My friend Carol is up to four times, but I'm tying her tomorrow.
I hope you like it, Michelle. I do have a friend who actually hated the movie but she is from Australia and I figure they must think upside down there (downunder, eh, mate?)

Michelle Rowen said...

Okay, I *loved* the movie. Though, not as much as I thought I would. I'll buy it on DVD, but I probably won't see it at the theatre again. Is it wrong that Daniel Radcliffe excites me just a tad more than Matthew McFadyen?

Yeah. I thought so.

Megan Crane said...

Oh come on. When Mr. Sexy Darcy gasps out "I had to see you"??? I think I died. Wee (and underage-- ahem) alabaster-skinned Harry in the bathtub isn't even close.

In my humble opinion.

Diane: I would love to join the contest, except I think you already won! I'm so deadline-slammed that I'll be lucky to get out to see it tomorrow... On the other hand, this contest might be exactly the impetus I need...!

Michelle Rowen said...

Give Daniel ten years. Then we'll talk.

I'm not saying I would kick Darcy out of bed for eating crackers though. Me likey. I have room in my pathetic social life for hotties of all ages.

Diane Perkins said...

Daniel Radcliffe? Well, unfortunately I can only muster up a mother transference to him. Come to think of it, I could be Matthew MacFadyen's mother, too..... Gasp. Won't think of it then.
My favorite moment in P&P is when Darcy stumbles over the words "I love you." Sigh!

C'mon, Megan. you only have to see it 3 times to catch up with me.

Julie Anne Long said...

OK, I'm dying of jealousy here, because I'm desperate to see the movie and I'm neck-deep (nose-deep?) in deadlines, too. (Which is why I'm reading a blog. LOL). And God knows I don't need one more man to fantasize about (or DO I? Hmmm....). I've heard absolutely nothing but raves about it from even the pickiest Jane Austen-ites I know. Sigh. Does it really have a modern soundtrack? The commercials make it seem like it does.

Michelle Rowen said...

Come on, Julie! You can tear yourself away from revisions for a couple of hours, can't you? You would totally love this movie. And there isn't a modern soundtrack. That's just in the trailer.

Julie Anne Long said...

Maybe this weekend I'll break down and see it...getting to the movies in San Francisco is this whole production of desperately looking for parking or taking the train and walking or what have you...but I'll come back to my work refreshed. Yeah -- that's my excuse!! Hey -- maybe it's tax deductible for us Regency authors!! LOL!

Sara Hantz said...
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Sara Hantz said...

Seen it three times so far.... just love it. Being in NZ we saw the UK version though where they don't kiss at the end (sigh)

Diane Perkins said...

I feel for you not seeing the kiss at the end. It was totally not Austen but was a fitting end to a love story. The sexual attraction between Darcy and Lizzie had been so evocative in the movie that I think the viewer needed to see its resolution. And it was done most romantically, with the beauty of Chatsworth behind them. Sigh!
Maybe I can go see it a fifth time!