Friday, December 09, 2005

Everything I ever needed to know about writing I learned from America's Next Top Model

America's Next Top Model has just wrapped up its fifth vapidly engrossing season. Some time during the previous season I realized that Miss Tyra Banks herself was speaking to me through the show. Telling me what I needed to know about being a writer. It may have been because I'd recently switched meds, I honestly don't know. But she spoke to me. She told me to impart her message to other writers, through the metaphor of modeling. And this is what I shall do. I am but a Disciple of Tyra. A D.O.T., if you will. Prepare for your life to be changed forever by this information*.

Eleven Important Lessons about modeling writing from "America's Next Top Model"

  1. Know what you want to achieve and be "fierce" about reaching that goal

  2. You have to believe in your own abilities and be proud of what you've accomplished

  3. You're only as good as your last photoshoot (err...novel)

  4. Have fun with it. A sense of humor will get you far

  5. Be open to creative criticism

  6. Those who work the hardest will eventually be rewarded

  7. Remember that you're always selling something. Keep it up front and center.

  8. Don't get distracted by the hottie male model. He's really just a prop. (well, this one really doesn't apply to writing. Sigh)

  9. Mistakes happen. Roll with it.

  10. Negativity begets negativity

  11. Take responsibility for yourself, because nobody else will

So there you have it. Tyra speaks and the world listens.

*a life changing experience is not guaranteed


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Nancy said...

Words to live by! Am printing them out and posting them on the wall I throw myself against when modelling, I mean writing, gets me down.

Julie Anne Long said...

Michelle -- you forgot, "Develop a signature walk." Oh, and, "don't steal other author's Red Bull energy drinks."

Britta Coleman said...

I am a *freak* about this show! I spent one sick, dreary day this past winter watching an entire marathon on VH1 and I've been hooked ever since.

One more tip: "Always be sweet to Tyra's mama."