Thursday, December 01, 2005


Can you tell us about your new book?

The idea for GOOD GIRLS DON'T (Warner Forever, December 2005) came about when I read a newspaper article about alibi agencies and started pondering what kind of person would work at a place that helps spouses cheat. Then I asked myself what would happen if an alibi consultant ended up lying to a friend. That's when Colette came to life. She explained, "I didn't plan to work here long, only until I got my business going. And I never, ever planned to lie to Bill."

What was your favorite part about writing this book?

I enjoyed researching actual alibi agencies, but my favorite part was creating a true friends-to-lovers story, where the good guy from high school grows up...and gets the girl of his dreams, and where the "bad girl" from high school finds that even her wildest dreams can come true...with the "good guy."

If this book was made into a movie, who would you pick to star in it?

When I wrote the book, I had actress Charlize Theron in mind for Lettie and U.S. Olympic gymnast Blaine Wilson in mind for Bill. (I'm married to a gymnast, so several of my heroes are modeled after gymnasts.)

What are you working on right now?

Revisions for my next Warner release, Real Women Don't Wear Size 2.

Where do you get your ideas?

Newspaper articles, snippets of conversation, previous work experience, friends, family, life in general, you name it :)

What is the best advice you could give an aspiring writer?

The same advice I received from NYT Bestseller Linda Howard: "Don't settle for less than your dream."

Favorite television show?

Seinfeld, hands down.

If you were stranded on a deserted island with one person, living or dead, who would you like it to be?

My husband, naturally :)

If you weren't a writer, what would you like to do for a living?

I'd love to be an artist. Given that I can't draw stick people, however, I'm betting I'd definitely be in the "starving artist" classification. But if I'm playing "what if" -- an artist, for sure :)

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Karmela Johnson said...

Whoa. Blaine Wilson. My eyes just said 'thank you.'

Trish Milburn said...

Man, Blaine is built. Of course, male gymnasts have to be to hold themselves up on those rings. Wow.

Kelley St. John said...

Yeah, Blaine is something else. Then again, so is my cute hubby ;) (Can you say major brownie points when he sees this? What can I say? I do have a thing for gymnasts.) My darling hubby was actually asked to help the judges at the 2004 US National Gymnastics Championships in Nashville. We were right there watching those amazing guys compete -- and it was fabulous! Paul and Morgan Hamm were incredible, of course. I was watching them perform when I noticed a newscaster plop down in a seat near ours to interview someone. You should have seen my face when I recognized the interviewee -- Blaine Wilson. Have mercy, the guy is eye candy. He was sitting within arm's length of me (and yes, I managed to keep my arms, hands, and so on, to myself -- thank you very much). Needless to say, he made an impression -- strong enough for Blaine Wilson photos to adorn my computer monitor when I needed to see my hero, Bill :) I'm so glad you approve of my choice for inspiration :)