Saturday, December 31, 2005

What Resolutions Are You Breaking in 2006?

New Year's Eve. Already.

The year 2005 is almost over. I woke up early this morning, before it was even light outside, so I could savor every waning minute of this year(and also because I remembered that I hadn't written my Warner Women blog....)

Since I was awake, I jotted down a list of resolutions. And when I wrote them, I really had the best intentions of keeping them. But as I read them over, after a cup of caffiene, I already know I am going to break every single one.

But it's the thought that counts, right? that more about being gracious when you receive a really horrid Christmas gift (like a lemon-head paperweight--and yes, the lemon-head was a real Christmas gift this year)?

Here's a peek at the resolutions I will break:

I will be more organized, and plan my time so I won't end up writing a book in a month. (I might be able to keep this one-- but after Janaury, when I have to write a book in 30 days--have a Feb. 1 deadline, after all.)

I will make time to relax, to read, and fill up the well again. (I probably can keep this one too, but after January, when I write my book, and after February when I am flying out to Arizona to do some signings and present a workshop, then fly up to New York for another signing. Then I can relax. Note to self: check on next deadline.)

I will eat better and exercise more. (LOL. Okay, I just know better. I am an author. I spend most of my time on my rear in front of my computer. It's in the job description, I think.)

I just erased everything else on my list. The best anyone can hope is to be a better person and to make the most of the coming year. Oh, and to have fun doing it. Fun = Happy, in my book (just my book in general...not the one I have to write in January.)

Here's to a Happy 2006. Cheers.

So, what resolutions are you breaking for 2006?

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