Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Let's talk television by Lori Wilde

I've heard people say there's slim pickings on television this year and I'm like what? In my opinion some of the best writing is going on in TV land these days. Here's a list of my favorite shows and why.

Desperate Housewives--Okay, so it's not as good as last year and I really don't like the new mystery elements with the Applewhites, it seems extraneous. But I can't wait to tune in to see what outrageous thing Gabrielle will do next, or how Susan will embarrass herself yet again, or what honest thing Edie will say that's on everyone else's mind, or the dynamics of Lynn and Tom's relationship, or just how uptight Bree can get. These are characters with flaws to the max and yet their human frailty redeem them.

Grey's Anatomy--Maybe it's just my medical background and yes, they don't do nurses justice on this show, but man, the emotional conflict is so compelling. I mean how are Meredith, Addison and Derek going to resolve their relationships? And Sandra Oh, she's just fascinating to watch. I've loved her ever since Arliss. She's got such a great range. And poor George, will he ever find a woman to love him and his puppy dog eyes?

Medium---some of the storylines haven't been so hot but what draws me to back to this show every Monday night is the Allison's relationship with her family and her down-to-earth attitude toward her 'gift'. This show is far superior to the rip off Ghost Whisperers which I tried to watch but it was too one dimensional for my tastes.

NCIS---I admit, I was pissed when they killed off Kate and I so did not want to like Ziva, but she is one kick-butt heroine and I hate to admit it but she and Tony have much better chemistry. Kate and Tony were more like squabbling siblings. My favorite character is Abby. How can you not like her? Smart and quirky. But then there's Ducky, who I only recently realized used to play on the Man From Uncle and I had a desperate crush on him when I was six. Eee gads I'm giving away my age.

And then of course, there's Lost. My favorite. Those writers kick butt! They know how to drag things out while keeping you on the edge of your seat. The key I think is the backstory woven so intricately into the plot. This is one show I never miss. Oh, and Sawyer or Jack? I started out rooting for Kate to get together with Jack but now, it's Jack who? He's too nice. Sawyer's got that redeemable bad boy thing going on that's irresistible, even if I don't normally go for blonds.

Criminal Minds---Sometimes the writing is fabulous, other times not so hot, but Gideon has me wrapped around his little finger and poor geeky Reed. He and George from Grey's Anatomy need to get together and go chick hunting.

My Name is Earl---I really shouldn't like this one becuase it so reminds me of my ex-husband and his family and friends but I can't help it. I like Jason Lee. He's got the kindest eyes.

So what are your favorite shows?


Megan Crane said...

I love Grey's Anatomy too!

I'm also in love with:

Veronica Mars, because she's so kickass and vulnerable, and I love me some Logan. And I am ridiculously emotionally involved...

Bones, because I love David Boreanaz in this new role, and I really dig the character of Temperance Brennan-- so academic and uneasy in the real world, where her intellect can't help her.

House, because Dr. House is one of snarkiest and funniest characters ever. I can't get enough of him. He's brilliant and often despicable and I adore him.

Supernatural, which has one of the most interesting relationships on TV-- the one between two brothers. I love watching it because all this crazy scary stuff is going on, but I fully believe the family relatiionship. It's great.

Battlestar Galactica, which is not lighthearted in the least, but has given me more food for thought than any other show on air right now. What is humanity? Who are we? These are some of the less complicated questions the show asks.

I'm also intrigued by the new show, Love Monkey, which stars that guy from Ed. The pilot episode was surprisingly funny and good. So we'll see!

(I think maybe this list is a clue as to why my productivity is not all it could be...)

MaryF said...

I love Earl and Lost, too! I also love love love 24, and I enjoy Invasion and Surface.

Amy said...

In no particular order:

1)Grey's Anatomy : Poooor George!!


3)CSI: I think my boss knows of my love for this show and schedules me on purpose. For that matter, the same can be said about Greys Anatomy :(

4)The Simpsons

5)Cold Case

6)Out of Practice

7)Two and a Half Men

8)Stranded with Cash Stevens

9)Good Eats: Alton Brown....oh man, he's my hero.

10)Extreme Home Makeover: It makes me cry everytime, but I love it.

that's about it.

Louis said...

Las Vegas, Miami, New York.
I'm with you on NCIS...its a great show.Veronica Mars..I've only seen it hit or miss...like what I've seen.For daytime.."The View"...great insight into the female mystique.

Karmela Johnson said...

You're not the only one watching a Great Deal of TV these days. The shows that are out there right now are just awesome! The best in many years that I can remember. Here are the ones I regularly TiVo:

1. NCIS: Love me some Abby as well. And you're dead-on about Tony and Ziva, although I still don't like her.

2. Supernatural: It's this year's The X-Files. I love the scary stuff but I really watch it for the mytharc.

3. Alias: It's been ho-hum this season but now that JG has spawned AffleckBaby, her normal kick-ass self will be back. I hope.

4. NUMB3RS: Math is so damned sexy. Now if we can combine sexy alpha Don and cerebral brainy Charlie into one single guy...

Michelle said...

1. Lost. Can't miss it and everyone must be completely silent while it's on.

2. Desperate Housewives. I'm starting to dislike it as the weeks go by but I still tune in.

3. Dancing With the Stars. I know. It's wrong. But so addictive!

4. Bones. I'm trying to like this show because I adore DB, but the chick just bugs the crap out of me.

5. American Idol. Just because it rocks.

Desperate Writer said...

I absolutely love Grey's Anatomy. http://www.greywriters.com I read the blog the writers of this show have, and it's pretty interesting. They also have links to "blogs" from the nurses and Joe the Bartender. Really fun add-ons to the show.

Desperate Housewives really isn't as good this year, but I really loved the storyline last week between Carlos and Gabrielle. A nice change, since they ususally seem so shallow.

I LOVE Ziva on NCIS. I have to admit though, the past couple of episodes, they've written the characters, except Gibbs , Ducky and Gabs like they are rookies or something. I think that's kinda...weird.

And let's not forget 24. Ahhh...Jack Bauer.