Monday, February 13, 2006

Jumping on the GB Fanwagon

Michelle – love your list of heroes – my favorites from that list are Gerard, Hugh and James Marsters. I’d have to add Matthew McConaughy ... you can see why ... to my personal list of hotties - as well as Johnny Depp (in his Pirates image) and of course, my lifelong idol – Kurt Russell, whether he's the computer wearing tennis shoes or Snake saving the president.

I have to admit, though, that Gerard Butler is the actor who most intrigues me. He's just so versatile - and good at every role he plays. I’ve listened to several of the Operatic versions of The Phantom of the Opera and the soundtrack from the movie remains my favorite simply because Gerard not only sounds more “manly” as the Phantom, but because he puts so much emotion into his singing.

Another favorite GB role of mine is when he plays Dracula in Dracula 2000. I don’t think we’re supposed to be cheering for the bad guy to win, but how can you not when Gerard makes the bad guy so damn sexy and so sympathetic? He did that with the Phantom role too – you just wanted the Phantom to win – who cares if he killed all those innocent people. He was tortured and they probably deserved it, right? I tend to think that casting directors shouldn't use GB as their bad guy if they really want the audience to bond with the hero - on the other hand, would those movies have been as dynamic as they were had some other actor played the villian? So GB, I don't care who wins the official award, you have my vote for Best Actor.

James Marsters, as Spike, is another favorate villain actor because he does the same thing GB does. He gave the character of Spike so much depth, you just wanted Buffy to get over herself and admit that she loved him.

Okay – enough from me. I missed my regularly scheduled blog date, so shouldn't hog this one. Just wanted to include myself in the list of GB fans. Wish I’d been with Cathy G. and the rest of GB’s Tarts when they went to Scotland – how fun that must have been!

Robin T. Popp


Anonymous said...

Oooohhh, you mentioned me! I'm FAMOUS! snort! Hope you don't mind, I'm posting your blog on too. I'm not only famous, but evil. I love what you said about Dracula, because I totally agree. I was all weepy when he was talking to the cross. Yeesch! Go DRAC!

And may I say something about Matthew McConaHEYHEY. I LOVE him. Have you seen "Reign of Fire"? Matthew, Christian and GERARD all in one. I think there was a plot, something about dragons, I'm not sure, but HOLY FIREBREATHERS those three were hot in that. Er, I mean, they were really good actors, I really felt their pain. Tee, hee!


Diane Perkins said...

Maybe we should rename this blog site. How's Warner Women for Gerry sound?
I have Dracula on order, Robin. Now I can't wait!!
And Cathy, I also ordered Reign of Fire!

Paula Quinn said...

For me, there aren't many other actors out there besides Gerry. I adore the man. I first saw him in Shooters (love the bad boy in a towel)then in Atilla and I was hooked, never to look back. He's been just about every hero I have. He has so many looks he can be anyone.
There are other beautiful faces out there like, Clive Owen, Martin Henderson, and a few others but no one comes close to Gerry.

Michelle Rowen said...

I think we should do hot guys all the time on this blog. Forget all the other stuff to talk about. Hot guys. All the time. The End.

Robin... I don't know why but Matthew McConaughey has never done it for me. I don't know why, because in that picture he's definitely yummy.

Robin T. Popp said...

Michelle, I have to admit that Matthew wasn't on my list either until I saw him in Sahara. I just loved that film -even though when I read the Dirk Pitt novels, I wasn't seeing Matt's image as Dirk. But I think the two leads in that had great chemistry - and I'm not talking Penelope Cruz - she doesn't do anything for me - I'm talking about Matthew and Steve Zahn.

Cathy- not sure I saw Reign of Fire - yet. Definitely just jumped to the top of my to-be-watched list.

Diane - I think Warner Women for Gerry has a good ring to it - not as good as Gerry Loves His Warner Women and Emails Them Constantly - but hey, we control what we can. :-)


Diane Perkins said...

I go along with that change in name, Robin!

Robin T. Popp said...

Diane - do you ever send the art department photos of how you see your characters? I can't be the only one who does that. I wonder how many times they get photos of GB? His looks are so versatile that maybe Warner should cut a deal with him - let him do a couple of cover shots? :-D


Michelle said...

I wonder if GB would consider doing an interview for our blog. :-) Anyone want to contact his reps?

Anonymous said...

I've sent an email to one of the mods at to see if I can get rep info for you. I'm not holding my breath, but, I'll do what I can!

Paula - ACK! YELLOW TOWEL *FAINTS. Lord, that man can FILL out a yellow towel. You all should watch that movie, just for the few mintutes he's in it. BAD BOY IN YELLOW TOWEL. Gark.

Glad to know you wonderful ladies have such wonderful taste. I always knew Robin did!

cathy grant

Candy Halliday said...


Thanks so much for the photo of Matt!

Love the guy.


Anonymous said...

After reading these blogs, I have to think this should be the "Hot Scot Slot", what???? And there's only one - - GJB - yeah!
Jude (Celtic Eyes -

Anonymous said...

or better - HOT SCOT SPOT