Friday, March 24, 2006

Congratulations finalist by Lori Wilde

I feel so honored. It’s my turn to blog on the RITA/Golden Heart day. I get to say congratulations to all the finalist, you’ve worked so very hard and you deserve this recognition. Enjoy it!

This day is always so nerve wracking as you waiting to hear if you own baby passed muster. You’re excited for your friends and colleagues who get the call, but when you don’t make the list its hard not to feel unworthy. Usually I spend the day asking myself why I’m not good enough and where I’m going wrong as a writer.

This year I decided to let whatever happens be okay. To that end two days ago I order myself a box of the most amazing chocolates. Really these things are a work of art and talk about delicious! Mmm, I wish you could all have one. My reasoning was this. If I make the finals I’ll want to celebrate. If I don’t, what better way to console myself than designer chocolates?

So woo-hoo to all those finalists! Way to go ladies.

And to the rest of us who didn't make the cut---chocolate anyone?

Check out the website of these most amazing delicacies at

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