Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Dresses, The Upset, The Jokes, oh my!

Watched the Oscars this year...here's what I loved:

1)  Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin riffing like old school magic.  I wondered if some of the younger actors in the audience weren't thinking, "So THIS is what a star can do!"  Plus, how gorgeous was Meryl?  She wins my best dressed for working it so elegantly, with a class that makes you remember why she's simply the best.  Ever.

2)  Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter showing up looking like they'd stepped off a movie set or a retro eighties party.  You could tell they were having a fabulous time and didn't care two hoots for the fashion police.  Their ensembles fairly shouted, "Arrest me already.  I'm satisfied.  I'm brilliant."

3)  Uma glowed, Jessica Alba shined - and I hope someone will give her a role soon that goes beyond that otherworldly complexion of hers.  I liked J Lo's avocado and Keira's plum, but the jury's still out on Michelle Williams in butternut. 

4)  Dolly Parton strutting, sashaying, and literally busting out all over Hollywood's glitteratti.  Love the song, love the message even more.

5)  The smarmy campaign smear ads.  A great way to inject some funny into the less visible categories.

6)  Jon Stewart as host.  Yes, he was a bit stiff at the beginning, but when he loosened up he made for an engaging and truly funny front man for one of the best Oscar shows in years.

7)  Jennifer Garner saving a slippery moment with a bon mot:  "I do my own stunts."  I. Love. Her.

8)  All the tributes to the mommies.  Any thank you that includes a parental nod is a winner in my book.

9)  The chaos the Crash victory created.  A truly great surprise - the audible gasp from arguably jaded attendees capped a refreshing night full of excellent films and memorable performances.

Now, your turn.  What did you like, what did you hate, and, most importantly, if you could wear anyone's outfit, whose would you pick?


Diane Perkins said...

Britta, I only was able to watch from 10 pm on. I thought Jon Stewart didn't quite live up to Billy Crystal's mc-ing.
I watched the Fashion Police shows in their entirely. I loved Keira Knightly's dress AND the necklace with it, no matter what the FP said. And I really disliked Michelle Williams mango/butternut/mustard outfit AND her hair AND her make-up. The FP loved her, top to toe. I also hated JLo's avocado. The dress was lovely; the color was icky. Reese Witherspoon looked lovely, like a Southern princess. I almost liked Charlize Theron's dress, but wished she'd lost the pouf on the shoulder. I just think she is so beautiful.
I liked that Crash won. Hooray for the little guy!
But, of course, the whole ceremony was missing Gerard Butler, so it wasn't nearly as interesting as it might have been!
Cheers! Diane

Britta Coleman said...

Ditto on Reese and Keira's necklace. Didn't care for the girlie bow in Keira's hair though. It clashed with the exotic necklace and glorious cut of the gown.

I love Charlize almost all the time. Almost. I thought the dress was poorly fitted, and - apologies to Charlize - the pouf resembled a pillow.

Maybe a cushion for the long night?