Thursday, March 09, 2006

Michelle is a couch potato

My thoughts on some of my favorite shows right now.....


This is shaping up to be the best season since Clay and Ruben (Clay was robbed. Robbed, I say!) All the women can go as far as I'm concerned. Except for Mandisa who is the best of the bunch by a long shot.

The guys, however, mostly rock. I must admit that I am not on the Taylor Hicks bandwagon. There's something about that guy. I know he's all earnest and he loves music and yada yada, but I don't know. I won't be sorry to see him go.

On the other hand, hello Ace! I love this guy. I wouldn't say he's the best singer of the lot, but his sex appeal makes up for it. Hubba hubba! Let me be the Demi Moore to your Ashton Kutcher baby!

Ahem. Sorry. I lost track of what I was saying there for a moment. I suppose my Ace-love was in training last year. I will admit to being a bit Constantine fan. I'm in therapy right now to get over it. Baby steps. Baby steps.
But if Ace doesn't win, I would be happy for Chris to take it. He rocks.

--- HOUSE ---

I am a new fan to the show HOUSE. I'm actually just working my way through season 1 that I have on DVD. It's an awesome show, though I must admit to enjoying the first episodes the most when it was still "fresh." Now, I'm like: oh, new illness. They won't figure it out and it will get worse. They'll figure it out and the patient will get better. The End. But I must admit to having a big crush on the doctor himself. I love the sarcastic a$$holes. It's my kryptonite.

--- LOST ---

I hope the writers on this show know what they're doing. Every heard of something called "Lunch Bag Let-down?" That's when you're looking forward to lunch at school, open your paper bag up and realize your Mom packed you a brocolli sandwich on multi-grain instead of Lunchables. They've set so many mysteries up on this show and there's so much speculation that I worry that when we get the answers we'll be all, is that it? Yawn. But in the meantime I'm enjoying the ride. I love Mr. Eko. I love Sawyer -- even though I really wanted him to LET THE TREE FROG GO. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, MAN. WHY??????? Oh, and would somebody please shoot Kate and put me out of my misery? Pretty please??

--- ROME ---

Best show on TV. And it's not just because I got to see James Purefoy nekkid. Though, it certainly helped. ::: Michelle's thoughts wander again ::: And I'm back! Okay, if you haven't seen this HBO/BBC produced show: imagine everything from drama, comedy, sex, violence, horror, politics, romance, history. The worse thing about this show? I missed the freaking finale. Which just gives me an excuse to buy it when it comes on DVD. Though, I think something bad happens to Julius Caesar. Hmmmm. I can't imagine what that could be....

So those are only a few of my favorite TV shows right now. What are some of yours?


Lisa Pulliam said...

I will never understand why Sawyer killed the frog. Then put it in Hurley's hands? And he just stood there! I would have immediately dropped it. Weird scene.

I'm big on a lot of the reality TV stuff like Survivor, Apprentice, Biggest Loser. I love crime stuff like Criminal Minds and Law & Order: SVU and In Justice. I also like Las Vegas and Medium a lot. I'm in love with Mike on Las Vegas and the hubby on Medium. He was great in an old show called "Mind of a Married Man."

Jeez, thinking about the shows I like just made me realize I watch way too much tv...gotta write, gotta write

Garnigal said...

I love my TV. The boyfriend went and bought an LCD TV on Boxing Day. I still squee when I get home and see my pretty new TV.

Anyway. Monday is Can-con - I get my laughs from Corner Gas.

Tuesday is House and Gilmore Girls, and flipping between Amazing Race and Gilmore Girls. I end up reading the TWoP recap for TAR.

No TV Wednesday - that's TKD, unless I'm lazy. Which is often.

Thursday is The OC and CSI. Pretty people and death. Nice.

Friday and Saturday I'm usually out - running errands, going out - all the stuff that commuting prohibits.

Sunday is Simpsons for Derek, and then the TV goes off until 10 for Crossing Jordan. Or Grey's Anatomy, if Jordan is a rerun.

And I agree with Lisa. I need to get writing more and TVing less!

Megan Crane said...

Sweet, sweet television...

Here are my current favorites:

House, Bones, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, Battlestar Galactica, Grey's Anatomy (did you all SEE McSteamy??), Family Guy, American Dad, Boondocks, and I have to say I really liked the new Law & Order show, Conviction.

Obviously, I have no time to WRITE.

Lisa Pulliam said...

Oh my gosh! How could I forget Sundays!!! Grey's Anatomy is my absolutely favorite show (glad you mentioned it Megan). Desperate Housewives and West Wing are good too. I definitely saw McSteamy. It just doesn't seem right though. He goes to Seattle to win back Addison and take her back to New York, but he's hitting on Meredith immediately? Even before he knows she's "the" intern. I love George soooooooo much. And Christina! And Izzy! Honestly though, not a big fan of Meredith.

And you all are right on with House. Hugh Laurie is hot in a a Sean Connery sort of way.

Megan Crane said...

It's funny-- I guess Meredith is a polarizing character. I like her. It's whiny, pissy, poor-me George that I can't stand.

And I assumed that McSteamy's hotness was such that he sort of exuded a tractor beam of flirtyness without even meaning to. Because he's Just That Hot. You know?

I think Christina and Bailey are my favorite characters, though!

Kristin said...

No point in repeating all the same shows that many have mentioned already. However, I must put a plug in for "Dirty Jobs." The guy that hosts the show is seriously hot (in a scruffy, workin' man kinda way) and has a fantastic sense of humor. I mean, those one liners just roll off his tongue.

And I am also addicted to "The Dog Whisperer" on the National Geographic Channel. Who wouldn't be entertained by a dog obsessed with a swimming pool? Or the dog owners who fix their dog by taking him to herding class? Love it!

Margaret Moore said...

I loves me my TV! And hello, fellow TWoPer! My daughter and I actually went to NYC *twice* to watch the finale of The Amazing Race with other TWoP fans. (And meet the racers and Phil!)

Re Ace: When I saw his brother, I turned to my daughter and said, "I want to be the spread in that sandwich." I think I may have traumatized her for life...although she's 21 and used to her mother by now.

Rome -- I WANT TO SEE THIS SO BADLY! But alas, must wait for the DVD.

Other shows: Survivor (HATE Shane), Lost (Sawyer's dimples! And other parts of Sawyer!), Battlestar Galactica (sweet, sweet Apollo. My current wallpaper is of the towel scene -- if you watch, you'll know what I mean!), Stargate (both series, although I prefer my Stargate with Jack), 24, The Apprentice, Invasion and my secret shame, American's Next Top Model -- I blame my daughter for that one. Oh, and Desperate Housewives, but it's getting a little too wacky for me, and Lynette's getting on my last nerve. I can't watch medical shows -- my imagination is such that I begin to believe I have the latest life-threatening illness. :-/

Michelle Rowen said...

I've been hearing enough good things about Battlestar Galactica to make me want to get it on DVD. But not quite yet.

I don't watch Grey's Anatomy. I watched a half hour of it when some guy had a bomb in his body and I wasn't too impressed. Plus, the main doctor guy was in Can't Buy Me Love. I don't care if he's hot now, that image of him will forever be in my mind.

And I am starting to really LOATHE Desperate Housewives. I still watch it, but I loathe it.

Diane Perkins said...

You all are going to think I am so wierd. I used to build my week around Lost, but I really find this season almost a parody of last year. I had gotten interested in Invasion, but that too is not holding my attention.

My favorite show is BBC America's Cash in the Attic with charming dimpled Alastair Applegate! Love that show. What could be better than seeing the treasures people keep in their cupboards and attics? Another BBC America show I love is Location Location Location, where two real estate agents help people find the house of their dreams. You get to see the inside of all these ordinary UK houses.

I'm also rather fond of What Not to Wear, the BBC version and the TLC version. Somebody give me $5000, two fashion consultants, a master hairdresser, and a make-up artist and I'll be happy.

SG said...

I just want to say I feel really fondly towards all of you ladies on your tv love. This is really like coming home. I absolutely think nothing of planning my schedule around tv schedules. It only makes sense, I mean what ELSE what I do? Such a telling comment I know.

Anyhow the shows are: Mondays: Two and a half men, then Courting Alex, the thing is these aren't my absolutely favs, and if I had to miss them that would be ok. Monday seems to be a slow night for me until 11 o'clock - The West Wing, season six. Cannot miss!!!

Tuesday: House, Scrubs, Gilmore Girls, and then the West Wing. See this is the hard core night, I don't work, don't really study, etc unless I do it before my shows start. How does one even describe House?

Wednesday, not whole lot, I used to watch Lost but it seemed like such a commitment, so I let it go.

Thursday: Will and Grace, Four Kings, My name is Earl, The Office. This is another cannot miss night but usually I just set my VCR if i have to work or do something else.

Friday: Not a whole lot, thank goodness. It would sound like I have a life on this but mostly I probably just hang around somewhere with folks.

Sunday: Of Couse, Of Course, Grey's Anatomy. McSteamy? Enough said.

MaryF said...

I was so sad to see Gedeon go on American Idol. He has such a gorgeous, effortless voice. I didn't like Ace's voice, though he's pretty. The men have some pretty tight competition. I haven't heard the girls yet.

And I'm the same way about the tree frog.

What about 24? Pretty edgy lately.

Dru said...

This is just too funny. I was readin this post and in the background I'm playing ses. 1 House. lmao.

I LOVE House and I bet you will too. How can you not love House? :p


Diane Perkins said...

I totally forgot to include Law and Order on my list of favorites, almost every night on TNT. The REAL Law and Order, not those SVU's or Criminal Intent or any other upstarts!

Lis said...

Definite faves this season - Gilmore Girls; How I Met Your Mother; Desperate Housewives; Two and A Half Men; Supernatural; Las Vegas; Holmes on Homes (contractor show on HGTV here in Canada) I just know I'm missing some...