Saturday, March 18, 2006


I attended a book signing at Barnes and Noble in Raleigh last weekend, and a lady walked up to the table to tell me she was a devoted Nicholas Sparks fan.

As I was trying to decide if she was sharing this information with me because (a) Mr. Sparks also writes for Warner, or (b) Mr. Sparks also lives in North Carolina, she went on to say that being such a devoted fan she frequently Googled Mr. Sparks on the Internet.  She said she had recognized my name on the poster ad in front of the store earlier in the week, because someone on the Internet had listed Nicholas Sparks and Candy Halliday as their favorite authors.

I sat up straighter in my seat - until she said, "I've never heard of you."

BUT she said, out of curiosity she had gone to my website, read the excerpt from my current book MR. DESTINY, and decided to come to the book signing for an autographed copy.

THANK YOU, NICHOLAS SPARKS!  And thank you devoted Nicholas Sparks fan, Julia, for buying my book!

Now this is where I must confess that I rarely if ever google my own name.  Most of us authors (definitely me) are nothing more than fragile ships adrift in a sea of insecurities.  Translation - ignorance is bliss.  We all know it is impossible that everyone is going to like what we write, but it always seems to be the people who DON'T like our books who are the most verbal.  Call me the Queen of Denial, but the less negativity I have in my life, the better, thank you very much.

Anyway (out of curiosity, of course) I did go to Google later that evening when I got home.  I typed in "Nicholas Sparks and Candy Halliday" hoping to narrow my search, and low and behold third or fourth down the line the caption said "Nicholas Sparks and Candy Halliday are some of my favorite authors, too!"

WHOO-HOO!  I didn't even hesitate to click on the link.

And there - staring back at me with a beautiful smile - was MY devoted fan Megan - my lovely niece who had listed me on her webpage at

Thanks, Meggie, for my nanosecond of fame - AND for including me in such good company.

Candy Halliday


Lori Wilde said...

Well Miss Candy, you're one of my favorite authors too. In fact you're one of my favorite people. You're so funny!

Michelle Rowen said...

I second that, Lori.

Candy, I always enjoy your blog entries best of all (just don't tell the others). Why don't you have your own blog so I can read it everyday???

Candy Halliday said...

LOL Lori!

Yay! Now I have two fans. :)

Take that Nicholas Sparks!


Candy Halliday said...


My OWN blog?

Can you hear me laughing?

Maybe in my next life. I plan to be more organized, focused, and prolific in my next life.


Michelle said...

Yeah. Me too. ;-)

Diane Perkins said...

Am I the only one who googles my own name with regularity????

Candy Halliday said...


If you google your name on a regular basis, you sure have more guts than I do.

You brave, brave soul. :)

applauding your courage

Michelle said...

I google. And I always kick myself after while I'm eating chocolate to make myself feel better. Candy, you've got the right idea!