Sunday, March 26, 2006

Warner Women Rock!

A big congratulations to all the Warner authors who are nominated for the prestigious RITA and Golden Heart awards!

2006 RITA for Best Inspirational Romance Finalists
Pocketful of Pearls by Shelley Bates**

2006 RITA for Best Regency Romance Finalists
A Reputable Rake by Diane Gaston (aka: Diane Perkins)

2006 RITA for Best Romantic Suspense Finalists
Nothing To Fear by Karen Rose**

2006 RITA for Best Short Historical Romance Finalists
To Love a Thief by Julie Anne Long**

2006 RITA Finalists for a Novel with Strong Romantic Elements
Ex And The Single Girl by Lani Diane Rich**

2006 RITA for Best Traditional Romance Finalists
Smart Boys & Fast Girls + Who Needs Boys? (double nominee!) by Stephie Davis (aka: Stephanie Rowe)

2006 RITA for Best Short Contemporary Romance Finalists
One Night in Texas by Jane Sullivan (aka: Jane Graves)

2006 Golden Heart for Best Short Historical Romance Manuscript Finalists
The Leopard Prince by Nancy McKinnell Finney (aka: Elizabeth Hoyt)

**Warner-published books


Diane Perkins said...

Awwwww, thanks, Michelle!

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Thank you, Michelle! It's going to be lots of fun in Atlanta this summer.

Ooo, and I just read TO LOVE A THIEF by Julie Anne Long and I LOOOOOOVVVED it! Fingers crossed for everyone this July!

Paula Quinn said...

I have my fingers crossed for all of you too! I'm so happy for you guys, you all deserve it!

Candy Halliday said...

Congratulations ladies!

We're all so proud of you!