Sunday, April 23, 2006

And More Fantasy by Megan Crane

I've had quite a collection of Dream Men in my time.

My first major celebrity crush:

Oh, George. How I wept over that video for "Careless Whisper." I vowed that I would have understood your guilty, rhythmless feet.


Who's that, you ask? None other than Roger Taylor, drummer for Duran Duran. I was not sufficiently Alpha Girl in my social group in George Washington Junior High to lay claim to the coveted Simon or John. So, Roger it was. (It could have been worse. It could have been the universally-loathed Andy.)

Then The Dream of The Blue Turtles came out, and I horrified my older brother by falling heedlessly, ridiculously in love with Sting. As only a teen girl can, I wallpapered my bedroom with pictures and posters, and no doubt single-handedly got my brother over the Police break up by worshipping Sting way, way too much.

I had this poster over my bed:

But that was just the beginning. After Junior High, the fantasy crushes came fast and furious:

This is just to name a few. A highlights reel, if you will. And, of course, no discussion of Dream Men Fantasies would be complete without mentioning my favorite:

What about you? Who did you love in seventh grade? What about now? I want to know!


Diana Holquist said...

Oh, Sting! Does it get any better? We used to rollerskate in my parent's basement to "every breath you take." Now, we're doing the cool-down at my weight-lifing class to one of his songs and I still think back to the good old days. Of course, now, I'm much more mature and I know men with verbs for names are not for me. (Um, Megan, can you e-mail me an e-copy of that poster..?)

Michelle said...

You do realize that now this blog is now officially All Beefcake All The Time. I'm not complaining, really. Just making an observance.

In grade seven, I had this poster above my bed...

Oh how I loved him.

Michelle said...

Oh, and that Duran Duran comment really brought back memories. I managed to secure John Taylor early on so I didn't have to get stuck with Andy.

Megan Crane said...

I dealt with my low rank in the pecking order by telling kickass stories about my relationship with Roger. The other girls just danced about to "Save A Prayer" and made kissy faces. I can't decide, in retrospect, if my reflex (no pun intended) storytelling was cool or sad...

Diana: Just go to Google Image and type in Sting + Dream of the Blue Turtles and it's all yours!

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Um, you do realize, Michelle and Megan, that you had crushes on GAY men? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I mean, what does this say about your later love life?

I, on the other hand, had a crush on a fictional man two hundred years older than me. I'm talking here of the guy who starred in the POLDARK series, whose name I do not know, but who scowled really well and ran around in a ponytail and knee-highs. Every Sunday night, I'd tune into Masterpiece Theater and listen to Alistair Cook gravely introduce in a transatlantic accent what was essentially a 18th century soap opera.

And now I write Georgian romances with heros in knee-highs and ponytails who scowl a lot. Coincidence? I don't think so . . .

Diane Perkins said...

Omigosh, Elizabeth. I forgot all about the Poldark series, which my husband and I came to late and missed so much of it. From it, I discovered the name Morwenna, but I didn't have the courage to give the name to my daughter. She wishes I had!

Psychologically it makes perfect sense to me for a just flowering teenage girl to idolize a gay man. They are so safe!!


Megan Crane said...

Oh, come on. It was the Eighties. Every single celebrity I had a crush on at the time was more flamboyant and had more luxurious hair than I did!

Candy Halliday said...

Seventh Grade, you ask?

For me, who else?


Michelle Rowen said...

Um, you do realize, Michelle and Megan, that you had crushes on GAY men? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I mean, what does this say about your later love life?

What later love life? :::cries:::

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Oh, no! I made Michelle cry! I'm sorry you don't have a later love life, Michelle! But, really, I think you can do better than Michael these days . . .

What is the deal the with HOUSE guy--Hugh Laurie? Everytime I see him all I can think of is Bertie in BERTIE AND JEEVES. V. funny, but not exactly sexy.

Megan Crane said...

On House he's so brilliant and snarky, he becomes hot.

Also, the man looks good in a t-shirt.

In my humble opinion.

MaryF said...

Angel....sigh! Do you not love him on Bones now that he can have stubble?? Yum.

You can have McDreamy - I have a thing for bad boy Alex. Or McSteamy.

And Gerard Butler, of course.


My first crushes were on Shaun Cassidy and Robby Benson. I grew up with John Schneider. Then Jonathan Cain of Journey and Edge from U2. He was always so serious!

Megan Crane said...

I can't believe I forgot all about my major Bono obsession in high school. To the point where my friend and I went to see the movie "Rattle & Hum" and sat with our tape recorders in our hands, making bootlegs, because we HAD to have his precious voice on tape.

Sweet, sweet Bono.

(This was before he began sporting boas, of course.)