Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blame it on David (Cassidy, that is) by Shelley Bates

Ooh, fantasy men ... now there's a topic you don't share around the family supper table ::LOL::

My current wip has a 14-year-old girl as the lead in her subplot, so in the course of my research I've been learning a lot that I wish I'd known when I was 14. Of course, back then, if someone had told me that my mad crush on David Cassidy was primarily because of the feminine cast of his face, making him "safe" as a transitional object of affection until I was ready for a real boy ... well, I would have told them they were weird and run off with my copy of Tiger Beat.

Just in case you're wondering, the man is in his fifties and I still love that smile, okay?

I'm a visual person, and I need a picture of my hero pinned up on my corkboard in order to, well, keep the magic going ... at least at first. The hero of Grounds to Believe started out as David Duchovny, and then as the story progressed, he morphed into himself--a self, I might add, that has no resemblance to the guy actually on the cover. The hero of A Sounding Brass, which will be released in June, never did get a picture because his personality was so strong I dispensed with worry about his looks altogether and just went with the flow!

I'm sure celebrities don't have much use for a magazine-and-poster industry that survives on their likenesses. But I have to say, they sure are handy to jumpstart my creativity. And yeah ... we all like to dream a little dream, don't we?

Shelley B.

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Michelle Rowen said...

I used to *love* David Duchovny. And my Tiger Beat pin up was Michael Damien. He was in my locker in grade 8.