Wednesday, April 12, 2006

From Sarah McKerrigan...

A few years ago, my grandma asked me what the internet was.  Knowing her limited capacity and patience for new information, I came up with this analogy.
The internet is like a street, I told her.  Going online is like leaving your house and walking down the street.  Along the street are lots of buildings:  a library, a grocery store, a friend's house, a train station, a newsstand, a game room.   You can stop in at any of these buildings.  On the internet, they're called websites.  You can peruse Shakespeare at a library site.  You can order Sunday dinner from a grocery site.  You can chat with a friend at their home site.  You can buy a train ticket at a station site, look at the latest headlines at a news site, play Solitaire at a game site.  It's wonderful!
I thought I was impressing her with my clever description.  But she just shook her head.
I'd never get any exercise, she said.  Besides, I like moseying next door to get a slice of fresh-baked coffee cake at my neighbor's house.  I like picking up stuff in the produce section, smelling if the melons are ripe.  I even like the way the playing cards feel when I shuffle them on my kitchen table.
She's right, of course.  The internet is a fabulous tool, but it plays to only two senses, sight and sound.  We all need to get up from the computer once in a while before we turn into virtual creatures of habit.
So after you read this, why not do something for your neglected senses?  Find a fragrant flower (my favorite is my Sutter's Gold rose) and give it a good whiff.  Buy a single piece of your favorite candy to savor (anything with nuts and chocolate for me).  Give someone a warm and heartfelt hug.
Then you can go back to your computer and your virtual toys.
Sarah McKerrigan...
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Janie said...

Great post. I am going out to my garden right now.

Diane Perkins said...

You are so right. I just get glued to my computer. I went to check the mail yesterday and discovered it was a beautiful day!