Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Since we've made it pretty obvious on this blog that we all have our famous fantasy crushes, here's a hypothetical question I hope you'll take time to answer for me:

What if (insert your famous fantasy guy here) offered you: One night of passion - no messy strings attached - and a guarantee that no one else would ever know. Would you take him up on his offer?

And before husbands - children - stretch marks - the ten pounds you need to lose - hair under your arms or on your legs long enough to braid - that chipped front tooth you've been meaning to get fixed - ratty underwear - the need for a manicure and pedicure - a hair appointment to get your roots dyed - and any other excuse you can think of, flashes through your mind - FORGET ALL THAT!

In this hypothetical situation you're beautiful from head to toe and single.

So? Would you take your famous fantasy crush up on his offer?

I called my best friend and asked her, "If Bon Jovi offered you one night of passion" and before I could even finish my sentence she said, "In a heartbeat." 

Now, it's possible she answered so quickly because I'm always calling her up to ask stupid questions when I'm in deadline hell - as I am at the moment - which is why I'm trying to pump you guys for information. Of course, it's also possible she answered so quickly because she figured if she ever got that close to Bon Jovi (her all-time idol) poor Jon would get a passionate night with her whether he wanted one or not. 

Did I mention I'm in deadline hell at the moment?

My next two upcoming romantic comedies from Warner Forever are Housewives Fantasy Club novels. Book one in the series "YOUR BED OR MINE?" is scheduled for release August/2006. The sequel, "DINNER FIRST, ME LATER?" is the book I'm working on now.

My deadline heroine (beautiful from head to toe and single) is facing the question I just asked you.

So, help me out here. PLEASE? What would you do?

Candy Halliday


Milady Insanity said...


I'd so go for it.

Life's short, eat dessert/have fun first. ;)

Karmela Johnson said...

Are ya kidding me girlfriend? Not only do I second your friend's "In a heartbeat!" but I would broadcast it afterwards in the whole world! Picture this scenario.

Michael Vartan: Karmela, last night was awesome. I''ll call you later, okay?

Karmela: Mkay Michael


Karm: Sis? You there? Pick up pick up, pick up!!!

Sis: This better be effing important! It's effing 4 am!!!

Karm: I did the nasty with Michael Vartan! Yep, you heard me, Michael Vaughn himself! Pass the word. NOW.

Michelle said...

Hugh Jackman + Me = Yes, yes, yes!!!

But knowing me I'd start overthinking it and probably mess it up.

Lisa Pulliam said...

I already have "the list" - so yeah, I'd go for it. My hubby and I both have a list of a few people that were free passes. You know, in case all the planets aligned, not, it's for s***s and giggles. My list is constant, but my hubby's list always changes. He's trying to confuse me.

My list is:
Gerard Butler
Johnny Depp
Ethan Embry
Howie Dorough
My fifth changes - right now it's Ryan Reynolds.

Michelle said...

Mmm. Ryan Reynolds in Blade III. Yum!

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Candy, Candy, Candy.

I think we both know that you can come up with better deadline hell procrastination questions than "Would you sleep with the man of your dreams if he offered one night of passion?" (answer: Hugh Jackman, yes, DUH. Special note to Michelle: DON'T THINK.)

Let's dig deeper for the real hard-hitting writing questions, shall we? Such as:

Which would you pick? Your book magically finished by midnight tonight AND it turning out to be a NYT bestseller OR losing 20 pounds overnight, WHILE BINGING ON GODIVA CHOCOLATE. Now, THAT's a real delima.

Michelle said...

Um, Elizabeth. I believe I already called dibs on Hugh.

Back off!!!! Get your hands off my man!

And that's a no-brainer. I'd pick the NYT list.

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

You have Hughie for ONE night, Michelle! He's free the rest of the 364 nights of the year. So there!

Actually, that's getting a little squicky. I may have to chose someone else . . .

Ooo! Ioan Gruffold! As HORNBLOWER (okay, technically, he was playing a 17-year-old in that. But in real life he was 24 at the time, so he's above the age of squickiness. And, YES, I did look up his age. I like to be on moral high ground in my fantasies.)

Candy Halliday said...

Yay! Feedback. Just what I wanted to find when I got home tonight!

Let's see, in the YES column we have:

Milady (thank you so much)

Karm (LOL at your response)

Lisa (with a rather -ahem - long list and a truly amazing husband who hands out free passes - WOW, someone needs to put that in a book!)

Michelle and Elizabeth fighting over Hugh (do I see a menage a trois in the making?)

And, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Dang it! I'm trying to stay focused on romance and passion while I'm in deadline hell. Now, all I'm thinking about is Godiva Freaking Chocolate!

off to rewrite the chapter where her deadline heroine takes her famous fantasy crush up on his offer, and have her tell him instead she's going to sit in the sauna and lose twenty pounds while she writes a NYT bestseller by midnight, and then she's going to reward herself (not with mind-blowing sex) but a box of yummy cream centers!

Diane Perkins said...

Lisa, I must look up the rest of your list. For research, you understand. Some names are new to me and I need to see who else besides Gerry is good enough for such discerning taste.

To answer your question, Candy. Of course! Duh.

CSoper said...

In a heartbeat

CSoper said...

In a heartbeat. Here's the BUT...What if he isn't what you dream? What if he's more? I'd prefer the dream. It's easier than trying to find another dream especially when the scenarios are already in my mind

Candy Halliday said...

Thanks, Diane!

I'm so glad this is a no-brainer for most of us.

trying to assure herself that my readers are going to be able to identify with my heroine's decision.

Candy Halliday said...

csoper - thanks for the input!

And my heroine is also faced with your part two "BUT". . . .


Also a no-brainer, huh?


Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Well, this sounds like a VERY interesting book you're working on there, Candy. We're all going to want to rush out and buy it when it goes on sale. Better get cracking so we can read it!

Mush! Mush!