Friday, April 28, 2006

Who's On Your Must-Read List?

I love a book that you blaze through in one day and weep when it's over. Both because it's poignant, beautiful and true, and because the writing humbles you with its exquisiteness.

Firefly Cloak by Sheri Reynolds is such a book.

I've been a fan of Ms. Reynolds since her Oprah bout with Rapture of Canaan. She's one of my favorite authors, and her latest novel does not disappoint. Is it too embarrassing to admit that one of the reasons I became a writer is because of her work?

I play a little game with the novels on my must-read list. I don't read reviews or even back-page summaries. I simply open the book, start at page one, and let the story unfold without a hint of what's to come.

Who's on your must-read list? Do you have any quirky tics in the way you approach a book? (Please tell me you don't read the last page first - total sacrilege.)


Michelle Rowen said...

I buy everything by Laurell K. Hamilton. Even though I complain about the books after I read them, I can't help it. She's addictive! And I never read the last page first. That's just *wrong*.

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

I always read Robert B. Parker's Spencer books. Always. Even though they're all kind of alike. Oh, and Spencer would be in his 70's by now if it were real time.

There are just too many romance authors who are auto reads for me. I STILL haven't read Lisa Kleypas's latest, DEVIL IN WINTER, I think, so nobody tell me what happens! I never read the back or anything else of an auto read--things get given away.

Louis said...

I'm one of those that read the last few pages first...have been since a teenager...a looong time ago.

Nora Roberts, Jayne Ann Krentz, Lori Foster, Julie Anne Long are a few that are automatic buys for me.

Desperate Writer said...

If I'm reading along, and start flipping a few pages ahead to cheat, I make myself put the book down, turn out the light and go to sleep! I just hate that temptation!