Monday, May 01, 2006

Elizabeth Tries to Follow A Single Train of Thought

So I was going to blog about bedside tables because looking at what people have on their bedside tables is like a mini personality test. Also, Michelle (aka: the Bloganatrix) accused the Warner Women Blog of being All Beefcake All the Time as if we were sex-obsessed fangirls, which is wrong, wrong, wrong, except for possibly Diane, who, actually, DOES seem to be a Gerard-obsessed fangirl. Okay, and yes, I did spend four hours watching 24 last night, but that’s perfectly normal because Kiefer Sutherland has one of the sexiest voices in the world, kind of growly and low like an erotic Winnie the Pooh. My only problem with 24 is that Kiefer doesn’t take off his shirt all that often (I’m watching the second season.) I mean, you’d think that would be the first thing your action hero would do to defuse a nuclear bomb: take off his shirt. Duh.

*deep breath*

Okay, where was I?

Bedside tables. Right. So I was thinking that we could all learn interesting things about each other’s personalities by looking at our bedside tables. Like, do you have rose-scented hand cream or Bag Balm? A photo of your father in a silver frame or a snap shot of an ex lover? Things like that.

But then I actually went and looked at my bedside table and swear to God this is what I found:
  1. Digital clock missing its clear plastic face
  2. Blue stuffed bunny (not mine)
  3. Pink beaded necklace (not mine)
  4. Susan Crandall’s PROMISES TO KEEP looking warped because a glass of water got spilled on it (NOBODY TELL SUSAN!)
  5. Quarter
  6. Lamp with stained lamp shade
  7. Cough drop wrapper
  8. Hardback Nancy Drew: THE DOUBLE JINX MYSTERY (not mine)
  9. Nail clippers
  10. Calvin and Hobbes comics collection book (not mine)

Huh. Am I a slob or what?

But, really, there are extenuating circumstances here. Namely, dogs and children. For instance, Susie’s warped book (NOBODY TELL SUSAN!) got that way because I have a small rat terrier dog who distains her water dish in the kitchen. Instead, she prefers the glass of water I usually have on my bedside table at night. If I forget to bring it down in the morning, sometime during the day she will climb on the bed, jump to the bedside table, and drink out of the glass, usually knocking it over in the process. (And I don’t want to hear from all you non-dog people who think dogs drinking out of people glasses is totally disgusting. It is. Deal with it.) And when the dog is on my nightstand, apparently she knocks everything else off, too. For a while there I was coming home to my house in central Illinois and thinking an earthquake had hit every day. Anyway, this also explains the clock being broken.

Similarly, some of the things on my bedside table belong to my Youngest. We have discussed the concept of personal space—or rather MY personal space—but we’re still working on the idea and it appears to be a hard one. I’m resigned to that fact that I’ll have pink beaded necklaces and the like on my bedside table until she leaves for college.

So. Tell me what’s on YOUR bedside table. Or, yanno, if you’re not interested in that topic, tell me what you think of Kiefer’s voice. Look! Here he is again!


Michelle said...

It was not so much an accusation as an observation. ;-)

Elizabeth, you are too funny. You have a really good contemporary voice -- I can't wait to see what you do with a historical setting. *g*

P.S. Kiefer is hot. And Canadian. So it's all good.

Lisa Pulliam said...

Kiefer is hot. He's Canadian? Nice. 24 is an awesome show.

My bedside table has a pink dog bed on it. Although, my puppy doesn't stay on the bed. She climbs on my pillow and sleeps there. She hasn't peed on my pillow yet *knock on wood.*

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Kiefer's a Canadian? A Canadian is guarding the USA?

Lisa, you obviously have a very smart dog. Why go for the doggie bed when there's a people bed right there?

Diane Perkins said...

My nightstand? I know you all think I have a photo of Gerard Butler on my nightstand, but GET REAL! My husband is patient but even he has limits (or maybe he's just oblivious....)
Diane (the obsessed...)

Susan Crandall said...

Well, Elizabeth, first of all, let me tell you how flattered I am to be included in your bedside items! And I certainly forgive the warped pages in Promises to Keep, since a nice little doggie was responsible. I'm TOTALLY a dog person. Drinking out of a glass? ... of course that's normal.

As for Kiefer, I agree with the voice thing, he can talk to me 24/7. In fact, I just started watching season 1 of 24 last week and am nearly finished with the set. I'm off to purchase season 2 asap.

Now, for my bedside table. I'm afraid it's pretty boring. We just redid our master bedroom and it hasn't had time for the normal buildup to accrue. Here's my list: lamp, alarm clock which I rarely set (kids are grown, and hey, I'm a writer, I keep my own schedule -- along with the vampires), TV remote, coaster, telephone. The dust is gone because the cleaning crew was here today!


Elizabeth Hoyt said...

*whew!* Glad you understand spoiled rotten dogs, Susan! And I just finished season 2 of 24 and you'll be happy to know that Kiefer is compelled to take off his shirt. Although his tatoos seem to have mysteriously disappeared . . .

carrie said...

im on the 5th season.
but i cant seem to find it at blockbuster.
i might just have to buy it :D
and i agree, kiefers voice is sexy.
and so it he :P

i guess you could call me obesessed, haha :D