Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Hero by Diana Holquist

Today is my seven-year-old son’s birthday, so thoughts of missing front teeth and tiny, knobby knees are crowding my brain. Not so romantic, I know, but this little man will grow up one day to be someone’s hero.

It’s too crazy to think about. Such a tiny boy. Such a cutie.

Oh, woe is me.

Anyway, this brings me to something I’ve been thinking a lot about: the boy can read now. He comes up behind me as I type and slowly reads, “Jasmine took off her shirt while Josh watched, his eyes hungry...” Then he squints at me and asks, “Why is Jasmine taking off her shirt?”

Why indeed?


Do I hide my writing from him? Do I explain it’s Jasmine’s bedtime and she’s putting on her jammies? Do I run and hide? What do you all do about the books you write? About the books that are lying around the house?

Little boys are not supposed to read romance novels. Heck, big boys aren’t even really supposed to read them. They’re supposed to be out shooting deer and fixing cars and drinking beer and such.

My husband, for instance, has never read any of my books. He looks over my shoulder and says, “They had sex HOW many times in a row? Um…I better go out and shoot some deer and fix the car…”

Maybe my son will take the same strategy: denial.

After all, he’s seven, but he’s no dummy…

Have a great spring day!



Diane Perkins said...

Diana, This brought a smile to my face. Your son sounds like such a cutie.
It also reminded me of when my son was about 12. He and my husband were trying to figure out some formatting problem for my very first effort at writing a book. I glanced at the screen and it showed the hottest love scene. Both father and son were completely oblivious to the content of the words. The mechanics were all they were thinking about!

Diana Holquist said...

Diane--I love that they didn't notice. That's great. I was once at Kinkos trying to get a page to print and it started out with..."Jasmine stared down at the naked man with dismay..." Those Kinkos guys were SO NICE to me that day!

--Diana (who's still in heaven that spring has FINALLY come to upstate New York!)

cyberdanson said...



Diana, this is your second cousin, once removed (maiden name, Manove). Your grandfather, Morris, taught all of us how this relationship tree works....with cousins and different generations. Most people don't understand it, or even know about it.

Anyway, I spoke to your grandmother, Bea, yesterday, and she told me to look up "Make Me a Match" on the computer. I thought she was talking about wooden matches.

I was surprised and delighted to find out that you have become a professional author. I now remember that you told me that your were writing a romance novel, when we saw each other at your grandmother's 90th birthday party.

Wish you a world of good luck in your chosen profession. Enjoy it.