Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Working at home

I had my day all planned out. Murphy’s Law has taken hold and won’t go away.

Oh, this morning started out fine. Besides doing this blog, there is nothing on my calendar. This should be a good writing day. After two cups of coffee, getting dressed (I always get dressed. If I don’t, it’s like an open invitation for someone to ring my doorbell.), and checking my email, I’m ready to blog.

The phone rings. Caller ID says the contractor who will be doing remodeling work for us this summer is calling. I’d better answer that. They want to send someone out late this afternoon to double check some measurements. Okay, no problem. I should be able to get pages written by then. Again, I’m ready to blog.

The doorbell rings. What??? I’m dressed!! I peek out the window and the FedEx guy is standing there with a package. Okay, this won’t take long. It’s probably a research book I ordered. Not. He’s delivering the copyedits for TWILIGHT MAGIC. Naturally, I have to open the envelope to see what the copyeditor wants me to check on. Uh, oh. She says there’s no London Bridge over the Thames in 1145. She’s got to be kidding. A quick check of Internet sites doesn’t give me a definitive answer, but there’s a Contact Us button on the London Bridge Museum site. I expect I’ll hear from them within a couple of days. So I put the manuscript aside, figuring I’ll go back to it after I hear from the museum folks, saying a prayer that I get the answer I want or I have some major work ahead of me on a book that’s supposed to be Finished. Again, I’m ready to blog.

The phone rings. It’s the local hospital. This can’t be good. I’m sure you can all imagine the horrors that sped through my mind in the millisecond it took for my hand to grab the receiver and put it to my ear. It’s amazing how many loved ones you can think of, and how many terrifying scenarios you can envision, in a millisecond. Turns out (thank you, Lord) that the insurance company has denied payment on a charge for a routine test that they’ve been paying for without question for several years. A call to the insurance company reveals they somehow got the idea that I have medical insurance separate from my husband’s. No, I say. We’ll pay the bill, she says. Thank you.

Four hours have now passed since I turned off the alarm clock.

Blog Time!!!

I have already transferred a barely begun chapter of SUNSET MAGIC to my flash drive and the charger on my laptop reads 82%. When the battery level gets to 100%, I’ll put on shoes (Getting dressed doesn’t necessarily mean putting on shoes. Slippers work.), then I’m leaving home. After a stop at the coffee shop for a huge, caffeine-rich Mocha Latte, I’ll head for one of the study rooms at the library where no one can get to me. I figure this will be good practice for later this summer when the workmen are in here ripping things up and nailing things down, and it will be absolutely impossible to work at home.

Shari Anton

MIDNIGHT MAGIC, Available Now!

TWILIGHT MAGIC, December 2006 – which MIGHT include a scene on London Bridge

SUNSET MAGIC, in progress, one chapter at a time


Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Kinda sad, isn't it, when a desert island begins to look like a good place to be? I can't even write at home anymore--too much laundry, dogs who need to go walkies RIGHT NOW, the phone, etc. And then I look out the window and my garden calls to me (it's saying, "Gosh, wouldn't weeding be more fun than trying to work out that plot problem in ch. 19? Who needs villain motivation? C'mon! Get your hands dirty!")

Shari Anton said...

Working at home always sounded like such a good idea. Who was it that said "Be careful what you wish for?" LOL!!
And I never did make it to the library. :::sigh:::

Diana Holquist said...

Yep. Know what you mean. It's 10:30 and I just finished with my e-mail and now I just HAD to check out what the Warner Women were up to...I'll get to writing any minute now...

I have a very pushy cat, Seamus, and the instant I get up, Seamus jumps on my chair. He sometimes naps by me, pretending to sleep, but really waiting to taunt me for getting up (again).

We get in these mortal struggles for the chair...it's so hard to kick out a sleeping cat...

Anyway, even thought he's just a fat, lazy old man, I like to think of him as my conscience: "keep that BUTT in the chair, lady! We need to buy more kibble!"


Shari Anton said...

Maybe I should get a cat who likes my chair. Then I'd have some kind of an excuse.:)Hope you're knee-deep in kibble, Diana!