Friday, June 16, 2006

Color my world

The walls in my office are now a pale peach, and I’m loving it.

When we moved into our condo, everything was painted dove white. Ceilings, walls, closets. Everything. At the time, I thought it was kind of neat. I didn’t have to consider wall color when choosing accessories. Everything matched. We have an open concept layout, so the living room, dinette and kitchen are all one big room with high cathedral ceilings and lots of windows and two patio doors. Lots of light – and lots of dove white.

I should have known the dove white didn’t suit me when I decided to paint the master bedroom. I thought I just wanted something a little warmer in that room, so we went with a rosy beige. And as long as we were painting the bedroom, then we should really paint the closet (same rosy beige) and the bathroom (mint green) in the master suite. Makes sense, right? At the time, what also made sense was a bit of decorative stenciling in the bathroom – just a vine pattern (evergreen) with a couple of flowers (wine and gold) tossed in to brighten up the room.

I liked the stenciling so much I decided to do the same pattern (evergreen vines, salmon and purple flowers) in the main bathroom, which meant we had to first paint the walls a bright yellow.

You see where this is leading, right? J

You guessed it! The great room is no longer dove white, and neither is my office.

As I type, a lady far more talented with paint than I am is doing a faux finish (taupe over sandy beige) in the dinette area. It’s gorgeous! When she’s done, she’s coming in here to do the same to two walls (blushing peach over pale peach). I have no doubt I’ll love that, too.

I probably shouldn’t be so amazed at how those changes have affected my moods. I’m more comfortable in my home, and because I also work in my home, I’m more comfortable at work, too.

So what I’m wondering is how others have changed their environment to suit them. Are you multi-colored or dove white? Must you get a daily dose of being outside? Do you need plants and flowers within your house? Do you need books stacked all over the place or must they be relegated to the bookshelves?

Shari Anton, who obviously figured out she needs color!







Susan Crandall said...


This reminds me of that kids book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie." One thing definitely leads to seventeen more.

Glad you're now cozy in your space.


Shari Anton said...

I'll have to check out the book! Thank you, Susan. The place truly is more homey.


Paula Quinn said...

Shari, it's sounds so cozy. I love color and lots of wood. It really does affect your state of mind. Enjoy your new surroundings!

Anonymous said...

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