Monday, June 12, 2006

From Sarah McKerrigan

From Sarah McKerrigan…
Guess where I am?  The Ritz-Carlton on Grand Cayman Island!  Isn’t the internet amazing?  I’m still able to send my blog.
So what am I doing here?  It’s just one of those perks of being married to a rock star who travels the globe.  Once in a while I get to tag along.
The fun thing about being here now is it’s my birthday, and since Grand Cayman was an English colony, they celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s birthday today, too.  Maybe there will be a parade in my honor <grin>.
There’s a turtle preserve, Stingray City, and great snorkeling here, though sometimes we enjoy simple pleasures just as much.  A few nights ago, we strolled along the beach at midnight, watching lightning on the water and taking long-exposure photos, then ventured over to a moonlit bog to record the sounds of hundreds of croaking frogs.
It’s the beginning of hurricane season, so the weather has been mostly overcast with some rain, some wind, but we don’t mind.  The heavy humidity and warm ocean are fascinating for us native Californians.
Since I’m on deadline, I brought my laptop along and have been writing in the morning while my night owl musician sleeps in.  I wonder if the medieval I’m working on will end up with a Caribbean flavor…
“Hey, mon, put up your sword!”
“No problem, forsooth.”
“Prithee join me in a flagon of rum punch instead.”
“Now you be jammin’, my lord.”
Happy adventures!
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Diane Perkins said...

Wow, what a great setting. I am all envy....
Drink a rum punch for us!

Kelley St. John said...

Oh man, Wish I were there!!!

How cool :)


Shari Anton said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah!! We were in the Grand Caymans a couple of years ago, not too long after the island was nearly flattened by a hurricane. I was worried for the turtles! Glad to hear they're okay!


Anonymous said...

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