Saturday, June 24, 2006

Nobody Does it Better

I'm working on a novella called Real Men Do It better. It's the publishers title, not mine, but it got me to thinking. What is a 'real' man? The word gets bandied about a lot, but what does it mean? Are we talking manliness? Or do we men the guys who'll help you grocery shop but know karate in case someone tries to attack you in the parking lot? If we're talking strcitly macho, then honestly, I'm out of here.

I've never been one to go in for swaggering alpha guys. Maybe it's from being a nurse and getting a big dose of doctors' egos at a young age. Maybe it's because I like being in charge and an alpha guy would try to take that away from me. Don't get me wrong. I don't want a wimp. Who does? But just because a guy doesn't have callouses on his palms and ripped abs does that mean he's not a 'real' man?

Speaking of doctors, are some careers just more manly than others? Is it jobs done by alpha men that turn us on? Special forces? (Personally not my cuppa. I'm more likely to be scared of a guys who've been trained to kill than to want to slip into his bed.) Cops? Yeah, okay, they're pretty popular in fiction. Pilot? Eh, they seem to have the same general personality as doctors. Firemen? Yeah, now we're talking. Is is some law that firemen have to be hot? But weirdly enough, publishers claim firemen heroes don't sell well. Why is that?

Anyway, the hero in my novella is a savage diver. It was fun researching diving and the more I did, the sexier deep sea divers became. Plus, ever since Flipper, I've always had a thing for the beach boy types.

So what about you? For you personally, what's one type of guy, one type of career that does it for you? And why?


Diane Perkins said...

A soldier, Lori. Specifically an English soldier in a red coat with a huge horsehair plumed helmet, tight trousers and boots. Here's an example:

Or how about an ancient soldier!!

Because I'm not too likely to meet one of these guys, I'm forced to settle for my husband, who a boss of mine once described as a "teddy bear." (she didn't know he growls sometimes)

Diane, who also would settle for:

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Um, I could be wrong here, Lori, but didn't you mean a saLvage diver? Of course I kind of like the mental image of a SAVAGE diver . . .

I've been looking at a lot of guys in (historical) uniform lately, Diane (as research) and I have to say there's something about those guys with horsehair tails on their helmets. Also, some of them have really tall black boots and tight white pants. I think I'm developing a fetish.

MaryF said...

I've written a diver archaeologist. He was hot! And two soldiers, two cops, a vet, two firefighters....

Nicole said...

Hmmm...a savage diver. Yeah, that would be alpa material. :-)

Yeah...I'm thinking you meant salvage. :-)

Firefighters...oh so HAWT!!!!

Crystal said...

For me it's construction workers, but that may be because my DH is an electrician. There's just something about me that do things with their hands, and the fact that it's an everyday-type profession.

I like policemen too in books, just not in real life (really I respect them for what they do, just not if they write me a ticket) :)