Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Phantom of the Opera and Luck and Little Nieces by Diane Perkins

You all remember the blog (January 20, 2006) telling of my new obsession with Phantom of the Opera (and thus Gerard Butler)? Well, after that life-altering moment, my friend Patty (who TOLD me about Phantom way before I ever watched the movie and now says "I told you so" over and over...) gave me a Phantom of the Opera watch that I wear all the time. Surprisingly few people notice the watch, but when the conversation gets around to Phantom of the Opera or Gerard Butler, which I often make sure it does, I show off my watch! Proof that I'm obsessed, you might say.

This past weekend I attended my high school reunion - Jacksonville High School, Jacksonville, Alabama, Class of 19?? - and I renewed old friendships with people whom I have not seen in a brazillion years. Anyway, I was chatting with Carol Stahl, a friend who stayed in Jacksonville and has been very active in local theatre (her list of performance credits is amazing, very impressive). She happened to mention that her sister, Mary, is in the Broadway production of Phantom of the Opera! I thrust my POTO watch into her face and said, "I love Phantom of the Opera!" and I told her I was planning to see the Broadway show on July 6. Well, she has arranged for her sister to give me a backstage tour after the performance!!!!! How cool is that?

Sunday I returned to my father-in-law's house in Georgia where I had left my husband while I was at the reunion. The whole family gathered at a cook out at my sister-in-law's house, and her 4 year old and 5 year old daughters were giving me a tour of the house and yard. Well, these darling little ones DID notice my Phantom of the Opera watch.
They said, "We have that movie." One said, "I'm Christine.." and the two of them starting singing the music from the movie: "Christine, Christine, where in the world have you been hiding...." It was so cute you just wanted to squeeze them tight.

They offered to put the movie on for me and I was very tempted.....

That's all my Phantom of the Opera stuff, but I cannot leave the blog without showing you where I used to live in Alabama. My father was an Army Colonel and we lived on Ft. McClellan when I was in high school. The Fort closed about five years ago and the residential areas are now renovated and owned by private owners. The houses where I lived have been designated an historic site, Historic Buckner Circle, a circle of houses in the same design with a parade field in the middle. Here's my house:

I had forgotten how beautiful it was.



Mallory M Pickerloy said...

Ahh!, your so lucky to get to go to the Broadway show on July 6 and go backstage!! I just absolutely love the Phantom of the Opera and of course Gerard Butler!!, by the way I love the watch.

I also love historic houses,and that is a very beautiful old house.

I enjoyed your blog!!

Kelley St. John said...

Diane, I drive by your childhood home each week and didn't even realize it! Fort McClellan is my stomping ground too, lady.

Small world...



Diane Perkins said...

Kelley! I had no idea you lived near Ft. McClellan. Do you live in Ft McClellan? I thought you were in Birmingham!

Manuelita said...

Diane - So are you a gb.net tart? I recently started visiting the site, but I have only posted a few times. Beowulf & Grendel will be playing in LA in July and I plan to watch it with other SoCal tarts. Can't way to see Gerry on the big screen.

PS - So are you all still playing around with this site's design? Today's design with the sun is bright, but I thought the one with the browns and creams and bookmarker was more warm and homey. Maybe you can do a combination of the two. JMHO.

Diane Perkins said...

I am indeed a Tart! And I'm going to see Beowulf & Grendel in NYC on July 7 with other Tarts. I wasn't a tart until I saw POTO in January and then I was transformed!

Kelley St. John said...

Not "in" Ft. McClellan, but just down the road :) One of my local RWA chapters is in Birmingham, but I don't live there. Went to JSU, in fact. Love the natural beauty here. Mountains, rivers, friendly people everywhere. And hey, the beach is only a short jaunt down the road. What's not to love? ;)



MoonCat said...

How could you not love Phantom? I've been a fan of the musical for 11 years now. I even have a tatoo (youthful transgressions) of the Phantom Mask and the rose on my right shoulder. People are shocked when quiet mousey me states I have a tatoo. Anyhoo, shame you didn't see POTO on the big screen. It was awesome!! I only saw it 6 times. LOL My husband complained some, but as I explained to him.. this is my star wars.
I'm so jealous you are getting to see it on Broadway and go backstage! I'm trying to write a story using the backstage of a Broadway musical as it's settign and and that would be awesome research. Enjoy chicky!

Diane Perkins said...

One of the things my friend Barbara and I had forgotten was how very beautiful it is in that part of Alabama. The mountains are so lovely and peaceful.
My high school was just off the grounds of JSU. Perhaps it was still standing when you attended there. We had also forgotten the charm of the square in Jacksonville and spent some time touring the shops, one of which was run by the mother of one of our old classmates!

I would give anything to see POTO on the big screen! How stupid could I have been not to go see it? But I didn't know...probably was just very busy around Christmas 2004 when it came out.
I must remember to blog about my backstage experience!