Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pop(p) Quiz

You've been sitting at the computer for 8 hours straight, sucking dry every creative cell in your body and because you can still keep your eyes open, there's potential for more writing but you can't seem to find the motivation, what do you do?

A - slog on ahead, even though whatever you write now will undoubtedly have to be rewritten.
B - check email because someone important may have written and you absolutely, positively must reply back ASAP.
C - check your sales rank on Amazon because even though you "know" the ranking means nothing, you still feel good when your number is low.
D - google your name just to see what comes up
E - mow the lawn because it needs it and you want the physical exercise so this is killing two birds with one stone
F - clean house because the house REALLY needs it, you want the exercise and your son already beat you to the lawnmower
G - jump on the Warner Women Blog site and post a blog because it's your day to post and hey, it's something to write about
H - go hit the track because that physical exercise idea still sounds good and maybe it'll get those creative juices flowing again
I - go grocery shopping because even though you hate it, the cubbard is bare.
J - two or more of the above.

Well, my email is caught up, my Amazon sales rank is iffy, there are no new stories about me on the internet (at least that popped up when I googled my name) and when I click on the publish icon, my blog will be posted. After I take a couple of Aleve for the ache in my legs from yesterday's three mile hike, I'm going to run to the grocery store. And if my son hasn't finished the lawn by the time I get back, it's all mine. And for those of you who thought I would do housework - pulllleeeeze. I'm bored, not mental. Hope you all have a great day!



Kelley St. John said...

Hey -- I missed the Grab a big glass of peach tea and a snack and wait for the caffeine to kick in option ;)

Caffeine and food -- guaranteed muse (and energy) jumpstarter.

Kelley, going for a glass of tea...

Diane Perkins said...

You also missed Option K: go to and all the other gerard butler sites and look at all the photos and watch all the videos...
not that I do that.
too much.
But then you find out that the rabid Tarts who organized and attended the GB convention in Las Vegas last weekend were treated to an IN PERSON appearance from Gerry and then you feel sick with envy...

Diana Holquist said...

My favorite too-tired-to-work distraction is to read someone else's book and then get green with envy over how awesome they are. I just finished Diane Perkin's The Marriage Bargain--even though my deadline is mere minutes away.

Wow. And what a gorgeous cover.

There's also checking out other author's websites (again, theory is that envy will stir work ethic not plunge self into m & m bag, as is actually the case).

Actually, Robin, your site IS inspiring. Very nice.

Okay, really do have to go and work now.