Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Problem Being Me

Is that I don't have a clue how to use technology. I really want to blog here. I really want to be part of the gang. But I travel and I use strange internet cafes and little funky credit card computers at airports and I can't remember all my user ids and passwords and settings and urls and I really need a minder. Like a child minder. Someone to give me all the pieces of information I need, that I use at home, that my home computer remembers, that my mind does not.

I have tried to buy a lap top to take with me traveling but as soon as they start talking about hot spots I get itchy. I think about hot flashes. I think hives. I think I need to go to a different store. Someplace that sells coffee. Or ice cream. Or books.

Today I went shopping for a new phone. I've a two year old phone and according to my Verizon plan I can get a new phone now. I wanted one that could take photos. And maybe use internationally. Or more importantly, check my email when heading to Australia day after tomorrow because I'm going day after tomorrow. But the sales guy started talking about razors and blackberries and I started thinking that I did need to shave my legs and I'd actually love some cobbler right now. Warm cobbler. Ala mode. Yum.

I left the store.

I came home.

But I did not eat ice cream. (Then.)

And now tonight I've spent a long time trying to remember how to blog here since my computer didn't remember. Or I didn't remember what I needed to remind the computer.

So sad. I'm a dinosaur. Just leave me in a tar pit with a good book.


Diane Perkins said...

Jane, I have some sympathy. I have a cell phone with lots of dodads but I can only master the dialing and the hanging up.
But wouldn't you just love one of those tiny laptops for travel? I would. I pine for one.....

MarilynS said...

You are so funny. Now talk about a dinosaur, try this one......I've locked up my cell phone! Yes me, who is on my way to the cabin with no cell and driving by myself. I can't call Verizon from my cell cause it's locked! Go figure!

Finally, I called my son Chris for help and he said "Mom, stop by the Verizon Store and they'll help you"! He know I'm technically challenged as well!

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