Saturday, July 15, 2006

Where in the world ....?

I have to tell you about my new toy. It’s called a Clustrmap, and it’s so waaaaay cool!

Go to:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a map of the world with several red dots on it. The dots represent visitors to my web site! If you click on the Zoom icon, you’ll see a larger map that gives a bit more detail.

Due to some coding thingy that I don’t understand (and don’t really want to) the program doesn’t record Every visitor to the site, but it records enough hits that I can cross off one fear from my list of many. You see, I have a counter on the web site, and I always suspected that the counter rose in direct proportion to the number of times I’m on the Internet because I use my web site as my home page. To my delight, I now know that people other than me actually visit my web site. Granted, I have friends and family scattered all over the US, but there are several lovely dots in states where I don’t know a soul. Honest!

As for the foreign countries, well, Australia is easy, and so is England. But now I have to get a really good world atlas to identify some of the others. And I suspect the dot in SE Wisconsin will grow larger (that will be me) with each daily update. And I’m really glad the map is updated only ONCE a day, or I would be checking it every five minutes and get nothing done.

Shari Anton, finding new, fun ways to procrastinate.


TWILIGHT MAGIC, December 2006


Diane Perkins said...

This sounds very cool, Shari. I don't have a counter on my website and I'm afraid the cluster map and counter would show that it doesn't get the traffic I'd hope for! Maybe I should muster up my courage.

Paula Quinn said...

Shari, I love this! I've downloaded it. Thanks :)

Shari Anton said...

Diane, you shouldn't be afraid to measure your traffic -- just don't compare your numbers to anyone elses. Easier said than done! :)

Paula, glad you like you like the map. However, beware! Who knew this would turn into a geography lesson?!

Paula Quinn said...

Not a problem. I have a strange facination with maps, atlases, globes, you name it. If it's geographical I love it!

Manuelita said...

That is cool! Wow, you had a visitor from Africa. I live in Southern California. So I wasn't sure if I was part of the big dot on the west coast or the smaller one beneath it. After clicking "map with smaller clusters", is there a way to enlarge the map even more?

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

Whoa, Shari! You've found, like, a totally new way to waste time and procrastinate--always a good thing for a professional writer. Cool! I need one of those thingys.

Shari Anton said...

Manuelita -- After there are more hits (and I don't remember how many) we should be able to zoom in on a region. Seems to me the map has to be very crowded before it allows the more detailed zoom.

LOL, Elizabeth! Yes, Procrastinators R Us! Like I said, it's a good thing they update it ONCE a day.