Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Elizabeth is Not Amused

I arrived home late last night from a full week of conferencing in Atlanta. And it appears the rumors are true: it IS nicer to go to the RWA conference when you're a published author. People pay for your meals! People come up and tell you how much they like your website! People RECOGNIZE you! (Which, actually, is rather disconcerting. I'm more used to lurking in the background.)

So it was a wonderful, exciting conference, made even better by the LOVELY hospitality the staff of the Atlanta Marriott showed everyone. Every employee I met, from bellboy to waiter to the lady in the gift shop was exceptionally polite and kind.

Then I flew home and picked up my luggage. And, well, the shock was quite rude. But here, I'll let you read the e-mail I sent to A Certain Very Big Airline:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I bought a new suitcase for a week long business trip on July 20. On my arrival home today I found that your baggage handlers had not only torn the handle of my suitcase from the frame, they'd also torn the foot from the frame. Granted, one does not expect one's luggage to arrive in pristine condition, but one does hold out hope that one can use a brand new suitcase for more than one trip. I have been traveling since childhood and frankly I've never actually had my luggage destroyed before. I am sure you are as appalled as I am by the treatment of my luggage. Therefore, I am sure you will agreed that it is only fair that Big Name Airlines pay to have my suitcase replaced. Please send a check for $100 to my address above. No doubt you are as pleased as I was that the suitcase was on sale.

Very Truly Yours,

Elizabeth Hoyt



Diane Perkins said...

eep. Let us know what happens, Elizabeth.

Shari Anton said...

I wouldn't be amused either! Hugs, Elizabeth, and let us know if that very too-the-point, dead-on approach works! Always seeking useful tactics for the future.

nicoletterivers said...

Love it! Not what happened to your suitcase -- the great letter!