Thursday, August 31, 2006

Reader SOS part 2 Win a $25.oo Gift certificate to B&N

Hey guys! I need your help again. I turned in Lesson One of my romance course to my editor and she LOVED the snippets of comments from readers. Thank you all. If you're due a free book and never e-mailed me with your address, please do so @

Now, for lesson number two, I'm covering character archetypes and I need help coming up with the names of authors who best write certain types of characters. This time, I'll put the names of everyone who posts into a hat and draw a winning name. The winner will receive an e-mail $25.00 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble. Just tell me who you think which author personifies the following types of characters in her work and then e-mail me to tell me you want in the drawing.

Top Dog Alpha Hero

The Tortured Hero

The Honorable Warrior

The Daring Adventurer

For the heroines:

The Girl Next Door

The Mystic

The Woman Warrior

The Caring Nurturer

Authors, you can play along too! If you excel at a particular archetype, throw your hat into the ring. You'll get free publicity out of it in my romance course.

Contest is open until September 5th.


Jennifer Y. said...

Top Dog Alpha Hero: Sarah McCarty

The Tortured Hero: Lisa Kleypas

The Honorable Warrior: Julie Garwood

The Daring Adventurer: Johanna Lindsey

For some reason the heroes are easier than the heroines.

The Girl Next Door: maybe Erin McCarthy or LuAnn McLane

The Mystic: not sure

The Woman Warrior: Jackie Ivie

The Caring Nurturer: Anna DeStefano

Lori Wilde said...


I think the heroes are easier because we tend of think of the heroines as ourselves and it's hard to put a label on yourself. Maybe I'm off base here, but I had trouble with the heroines too. I thought of Lori Foster as wrting great Girl Next Door Types.

Cynthia said...

Top Dog Alpha Hero - Shannon McKenna and Tara Janzen

The Tortured Hero - Tara Janzen, the men in her "Crazy" series fall into that category

The Girl Next Door - I'll second Erin McCarthy

Warrior Women - Allison Brennan writes some pretty tough women

Lori Wilde said...

Thanks Cynthia,

Keep 'em coming.

aBookworm said...

Top Dog Alpha Hero: Suzanne Brockman

The Tortured Hero : Sherrilyn Kenyon

The Honorable Warrior: Mary Balogh

The Daring Adventurer: Cindy Gerard

aBookworm said...

The Girl Next Door: Susan Donovan

The Mystic: Sue Welfonder

The Woman Warrior: Claire Delacroix

The Caring Nurturer: Olivia Gates

Kimber said...

I could probably come up with characters but authors?
The authors I read try to mix it up a bit.
Not all their heroes are tortured.
Not every novel has the daring adventurer.

sharon said...

Top Dog Alpha Hero: Marliss Melton
Tortured Hero: Jennifer St.Giles
Honorable Warrior: Elizabeth Thornton
Daring Adventurer:Joy Nash
Girl Next Door: Katherine Stone
Mystic: Victoria Alexander
Woman Warrior: Karen Kay
Caring Nurturer: C.J.Carmichael

ellie said...

top dog alpha hero - toni Blake
tortured Hero - Kathryn Caskie
Honorable Warrior- Sarah Gabriel
Daring Adventurer - Linda Needham
Girl Next Door - Lani Diane Rich
Mystic - Sylvie Kurtz
Woman Warrior - Teresa Bodwell
Caring Nurturer - Luanne Rice

pearl said...

top dog alpha hero- charlotte maclay
tortured hero - paula gill
honorable warrior - lillian stewart carl
daring adventurer - debra webb
girl next door - lisa childs
mystic - melanie atkins
woman warrior - pat white
caring nurturer - jean brashear

Kathleen said...

Top Dog Alpha Hero: Susan Wiggs

The Tortured Hero: Elizabeth Lowell

The Honorable Warrior: Susan Crandall
The Daring Adventurer: Kat Martin

The Girl Next Door: Susan Elizabeth Phillips or Carly Phillips

The Mystic: Jayne Castle

The Woman Warrior: Allison Brennan

The Caring Nurturer: Catherine Anderson

I hope I answered them all :)
Thanks for the fun !!

KimW said...

Top Dog Alpha Hero: Lora Leigh

The Tortured Hero: Judith McNaught and Dinah McCall

The Honorable Warrior: Julie Garwood

The Daring Adventurer: Kathleen Woodiwiss or JD Robb

The Girl Next Door: LaVyrle Spencer or Susan Elizabeth Phillips

The Mystic: Maggie Shayne

The Woman Warrior: Mary Reed McCall

The Caring Nurturer: Kathryn Lynn Davis

Wow..those heroines were tough. Funny what we remember. lol

Lori Wilde said...

Wow, you guys, this is awesome! I so appreciate it. I'm frantically scribbling notes.

joelle said...

Top Dog Alpha Hero: Patti O'Shea
The Tortured Hero:Lisa jackson
The Honorable Warrior: heather Grothaus
the Daring Adventurer: Joann Ross
The Girl Next Door: Deborah Smith
The Mystic:Jan Springer
The Woman Warrior:Heather Graham
The Caring Nurturer:Emilie Richards

Carol said...

Top Dog Alpha Hero - Catherine Mann

The Tortured Hero - Sherrilyn Kenyon

The Honorable Warrior - Susan Grant

The Daring Adventurer - Susan Kearney

For the heroines:

The Girl Next Door - Julie Kenner

The Mystic - Lori Handeland

The Woman Warrior - Joy Nash

The Caring Nurturer - Jerri Corgiat

alissa said...

Top Dog Alpha Hero: Geralyn Dawson
The Tortured Hero:Kathleen Givens
The Honorable warrior:Jennifer Blake
the Daring Adventurer:Bonnie vanak
The Girl Next Door:Diane Chamberlain
The Mystic:Annie Rogers
The Woman Warrior:Paula Quinn
The Caring Nurturer:Jennifer Weiner

Lori Wilde said...

Pearl, you won the drawing. E-mail me for your B&N gift certificate @