Friday, September 01, 2006

Elizabeth Meditates on James Purefoy’s Nose


Did you see all the people who wrote in to get a free Lori Wilde book? Wow. Who’d’ve thunk that many people even read this blog? A lesser woman would be made nervous by the thought that people other than her sister, Susan (HI SUSAN!) were reading her rather incoherent ramblings. Not me, though. I am a woman without fear. I want to try my own contest! So after you read my terribly wise and witty post, be sure to meander on over to my website, click on the CONTEST page and enter a contest for a FREE advance reader copy of my upcoming book, THE RAVEN PRINCE. Yes, YOU can be the very first on your block to read my book, thus making you the envy of the neighborhood. This contest is for a limited time. The deadline is midnight, Sept. 2. Don’t hesitate--enter NOW!

Okay, enough with the commercial.

I am very excited and not just because the fruit of my loins have—FINALLY—gone back to school. Disc 1 of the first season of ROME arrived in the mail! Let me confess here that I am a Classics geek. In middle school I had not only memorized all the Greek and Roman gods, I had sat down and made a diagram of their genealogy—what a dork! In high school I read I, CLAUDIUS. Several times, I might add, because if you put that sucker down for a few days you practically have to start from the beginning to figure out who has killed their mother and who married their brother. In college I was convinced that I was destined to get an advanced degree in Classics and only my utter ineptitude with languages saved me from the life of a Classics professor. Sigh.

But it’s not only pure love of history that has me panting to see ROME. Nope. I’m very much looking forward to seeing James Purefoy’s nose. Granted, the rest of his face is not to be scoffed at, but Mr. Purefoy has the sexiest nose on any man alive. Which, now that I think about it, is kind of strange. ‘Nose’ and ‘sexy’ are two words you don’t usually find in the same sentence.

Oh, well.

Go! Go forth and visit my website and enter my contest, and, heck, if you have the time you can let me know HERE if there are any other men with sexy noses. Or chins, for that matter. Meanwhile, I’m off to fire up the DVD player.




Michelle Rowen said...

Love James Purefoy. And just his nose? Remember, he did do the full frontal (but from a distance) scene in Rome. Will be adding this DVD to my ever expanding collection very soon.

The joys of my life are small.

aBookworm said...

Hugh Jackman's nose is cute I think, as is Tom Hank's

Susan, the sister said...

Oh, wow, I've been outed for lurking on my sister's blog...

Maybe it's a family thing (though we've never discussed it!) but I think noses are very important for overall male sexiness. I wish I could share with you all the perfection of Steve the Coffee Shop Guy's nose from my college days. Of course, that he was tall and sweet didn't hurt, either.

I like big, distinctive noses. Liam Neeson comes to mind.

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

whoa, whoa, WHOA, there, Michelle. Full frontal Purefoy nudity? Which episode, for God's sake? Sounds like a BIG joy to me.

And, Susan, *tsk tsk* You never told me about Steve the Coffee Shop Guy. Does my esteemed brother-in-law know about him?

Kimber said...

I can honestly say that I'm not a nose girl.
'Course ears...

Michelle said...

Yup. He was getting "hosed down" by his washers, i guess. While talking to Pullo. Trying to find educational photo....okay here it is... click at your own risk:

Manuelita said...

I've ordered the ROME dvds from Amazon. Can't wait to receive them. I think the full frontal scene is in episode 4. It occurs when Mark Antony offers Vorenus the office of prefect if he rejoins the army.

James Purefoy played Beau Brummell. Here's the link. (It was a bit long and so I had to put in line breaks.)

Click on the e-card link for a revealing "preview" of the above scene. *wink*

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

I think I may have just had a religious experience, Michelle.

I clicked on your link and just as I had scrolled down to the Purefoy full frontal nudity (Pffn), my dogs all started barking and running around, tripped on my computer cord, unplugged the computer, and my screen went black. I'm taking the incident as a sign from God--what kind I hesitate to say.

But let me just say, while we're on the topic of Pffn, HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA, YEAH, BABY!

You've made my day, Michelle.

Diane Perkins said...

Oh ho ho, Elizabeth, surely you know by now that the nose to best all noses -- by at least a nose -- is Gerard Butler!

But speaking of Rome, the character and actor I just loved in the series was Titus, Ray Stevenson, who was also with Clive Owen in King Arthur.

But the nose still goes to Gerry!

KimW said...

I'm not really a nose noticer. Say that three times. haha! I tend to look at the eyes.

Anonymous said...

OMG I need to lurk here more often. The sauna picture alone was enough to practically make my monitor melt.
I'm not so much into noses, but I like lips and eyes. Jeffery Dean Morgan is a recent favorite.
Mel N