Saturday, September 02, 2006

Help for design deficit

One day I got up from my computer, walked around my house with its mismatched furniture and gift items decorating shelves and wall space and decided it was time for a domicile face-lift. But how to do it? I'm what you call, design-impaired. Can't decorate. Hard to admit, but there it is. My sister's house always looks fun because she can take days to browse for just the right decoration to put on that funky tablecloth she bought at an out of the way store. I live two hours from any kind of store that sells decorating odds and ends so browsing is not an option for me. When I come into town I have a list on a clipboard. And a time-line. You can't just put "purchase knick knacks" on the list and check it off. Then I discovered IKEA. A one stop place for all things pine and cheap. Plus they have these rooms all set up so that someone like me can wave her hand at one of them and say 'That. I'll take that.' And then I can write wierd names with a golf pencil (supplied) on a piece of paper (supplied) and head down to the Marketplace and start tossing things into my cart. Then I can come home, unpack, rope my husband into helping me assemble said furniture using a screwdriver and an Allen wrench (supplied). So the house isn't an original work of decorating. Its coordinated and that's good enough for me. And I can get back to my writing secure in the knowledge that if, a few books down the road the house needs another face lift, I'm not out a lot of money. And IKEA will have all new stuff.

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Andrew said...

I agree. Sometimes the more mundane parts of life have to take a backseat when you have large commitments such as writing projects. I currently have a self-imposed deadline to publish an online article every morning, then there is the site maintenance and the promotion ... not to mention the day job and 3 kids. Decorating? When?

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