Sunday, September 17, 2006


Did anyone else see the pilot and the first episode of Anne Heche's new series MEN IN TREES?

Regardless of all the controversy in her private life - she's gay - nope, she's just confused - actually she's straight, WHATEVER, you still have to give old Anne her props.  I personally think she's one great actress and I hope Men In Trees will be an instant hit.

In case you didn't see the pilot or the first episode, think Sex and the City meets Northern Exposure.  Relationship guru Marin Frist (Anne's character) is on her way to nowhere Alaska to give a lecture when she grabs her finance's laptop by mistake.  BIG MISTAKE for the fiance it turns out, since he has incriminating pictures on his computer of him and the babe he's been boinking behind poor Marin's back.

The whole premise, I think, is hilarious.  Especially when Marin calls off her wedding, throws her wedding dress off an Alaskan-size cliff, and decides to stay in Alaska (where men out number the women ten to one) so she can really figure men out.  Add a pesky raccoon who keeps eating her designer shoes, a prostitute who shares a bath with Marin at the B&B where she's living, and one OH-MY-GOD-HOT animal control guy, and the only thing that could make the plot any better is if Anne (I mean Marin) decides to have an affair with BOTH the prostitute and the hot animal control guy at the same time!  

Okay, I'm kidding. :)

But could someone please tell me where people are getting these fabulous titles lately?  Snakes on a Plane?  Men In Trees?  How can anyone resist checking out titles like those? 

What will they come up with next?  Sex in a Blender?   Oops.  No, I think Sex in a Blender was that vodka/rum kinda drink that made my eyes cross once. 

Anyway, it's 2:00am, and I'm running out of things to say. 

But I'd sure like to hear what you guys thought about Men In Trees if you happened to catch the pilot or the first episode.

Candy Halliday


Lori Wilde said...
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Lori Wilde said...
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Lori Wilde said...

I've got to tell you Men in Trees is so similiar to my books from Harlequin called The Bachelors of Bear Creek, I have to wonder if someone in Hollywood wasn't doing a little filching.

In the first book, my heroine who's a journalist is on a laptop on a plane and discovers her fiance is cheating on her. She goes to Alaska to do a story on bachelors desperate for women. There's a quaint little inn and a radio station and tons of hunky men.

The heroine of the third book thinks she's a hooker (it's a long story.) Plus the heroine of the second book is a lot like Marin's fan who just showed up in Elmo.

The similarities are staggering. Even the raccoon--okay in my book it was a Huskie, but he served the same purpose the raccoon serves in the TV show.

And next week they're having a bachlor auction. Guess what's in my book four. Yep, bachelor auction.

I was robbed! So I'm getting a campaign going. To capitalize on the popularity of the show and the similarity to The Bachelors of Bear Creek--I'm asking readers who would like to read about Alaskan bachelors to write Harlequin at and tell them you'd like to see The Bachelors of Bear Creek reprinted. Do this, e-mail me that you e-mailed Harlequin ( and I'll send you a free book from my backlist. I'd send the Bachelors books but I don't have many left and they're out of print.

Michelle said...

Lori... go ahead and make this a regular post if you like. You'll get more of a response.