Friday, September 15, 2006

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Theresa N. for correctly answering "What facial feature is Elizabeth looking forward to watching this weekend?" The answer was James Purefoy's nose--NOT his chin or any other part of his anatomy, as some of you wags answered. I have the feeling that you all are not taking my educational study of ancient Rome seriously enough.

And in other news I have yet another contest on my website RIGHT NOW--this one involves wigs, which I hope will be a less inflamatory topic. And for the sake of the tiny storage space in my office, go, please, and enter the contest. I have three advance reader copies of THE RAVEN PRINCE left and I have to get rid of those suckers somehow . . .



Rikz said...

Congrat's Theresa N!! :-)

KimW said...

ooh, I want one of those suckers. haha! I just entered..maybe twice by mistake.

Congratulations, Theresa!