Sunday, October 01, 2006

Elizabeth Wonders if Blondes Really Are More Fun

So, you may have heard that there’s a new James Bond movie coming out with a new Bond—Daniel Craig. This may not excitement you, but in the Hoyt household it is cause for general rejoicing. Bond movies are one of the few theater-going experiences my husband and I can both agree on—he likes the blowing stuff up, I like the eye candy. But apparently there is a controversy surrounding the casting choice of Mr. Craig because he is *gasp* BLOND. Everyone knows Bond is a brunette.

Actually this kerfluffle reminds me of a heated debate I had in first grade with my bestest friend, Heather, re: the correct color of Cinderella’s hair. Heather was going with the Disney version (blond,) I was advocating the Rogers and Hammerstein made for TV movie starring a very young Lesley Anne Warren (brunette.) My reasoning was that a live Cinderella trumped a cartoon Cinderella. Even now, the simple logic of my six-year-old argument takes my breath away.

But back to Bond.

Personally, I have no problem with the new Bond. I saw Daniel Craig in LAYER CAKE and MUNICH, both of which were good, if very bloody films. I particularly admired his work in MUNICH, even though I was somewhat distracted by his co-star, Eric Bana, who was nude in his first scene. Turns out nudity is a very good look for Mr. Bana.

But back to Mr. Craig. I wonder, though, if the whole Bond-can’t-be-blond thing is related to the idea that romance heroes should only be brunettes. Have you heard of that idea? I’ve actually been told that blond heroes on covers don’t sell as well as the more traditional tall, dark, and handsome guy. What do you think? Would you go for a non-brunette hero? Or should we romance writers stick with dark haired heroes?



Rikz said...


Gerry would have made a better Bond.. LOL.. I love brunette 007's better than blondes and Daniel Craig is looking a bit bald these days. ;-)

I thought the Lara Croft movies showed just how much better Gerry would have looked and acted as 007 then Daniel..

But hopefully he will do a great job as 007. I hope he rocks and proves everyone wrong. I love 007 and plan to enjoy the latest movie, Daniel Craig or not.. :)

Diane Perkins said...

Rikz, I'm sorta glad Gerry did not get the Bond role, because I think it would have limited him.

But not all Bonds were dark-haired. Roger Moore replaced the "real" James Bond-Sean Connery. Roger Moore made four Bond movies and he was great.

Elizabeth Hoyt said...

BALD? Say it isn't so, Rikz! ;-)

I agree that G. would've made a great Bond! I also was rooting for Clive Owen. I wonder how many actors aren't so interested in the role for fear of typecasting--or being tied down to one character if other roles come along . . .

Diana Holquist said...

Hmm...what? Men in tighty-speedo bikini bathing suits are more fun? Men with legs that look like THAT walking down the beach, toward me, waves crashing...oh, sorry lost myself a moment there. What I meant to say was, he's blond? Hadn't noticed.

--Diana : )

Diane Perkins said...

You have to look up, Diana. Where were you looking?

Diana Holquist said...

I was looking at his remarkably tight mind and his very well developed sense of humor and his remarkable acting ability, Diane. What could you possibly mean by "look up"?