Friday, October 20, 2006

Project Drama

Late this summer I discovered Project Runway. I don't know why I am always late to discover wonderful things, but there it is. This week was the Project Runway Finale, the show where the final four designers- Michael, Laura, Uli, and Jeffrey - presented their collections and the winner was selected.

They were lovely, the best of what any of the designers had done thus far (except for Michael - he'd done better in the other competitions).

Here are samples from each.

This was one of Michael's dresses. I liked it. It looked comfortable.

I loved this one of Laura's. It doesn't photograph well, but it was a sheer lace dress, with tight fitting black pants underneath.

This outfit of Uli's made me gasp. It looked like an evening dress but in the middle of the runway, the model took off the skirt and it was a bikini!

And here is one of Jeffrey's, a very innovative dress.

I won't tell you who won, in case you want to see it on Bravo. They are repeating the last episodes over and over.

This show was not about fashion, but about the designers, and it wasn't really about their life stories or their work, but about their personalities and their interactions with each other. Because it was a competition, conflict was built in--they all wanted to win. And because they spent so much time together, they became a bit like a family. Friendships and rivalries developed and complex relationships. The true story was in the characters, and, in that way, Project Runway was not that much different than our books. It is the interaction among characters that really grabs the reader, I believe.

But what do you think? Is it the characters that make you love the story? Or what we call the external plot - whatever it is that is happening in the story?

And did you watch Project Runway and love it like I did? Who was your favorite character? Mine was Laura. She had class.



Maureen said...

I enjoyed Project Runway very much. Michael was my favorite. He was open to suggestions, tried to help another designer in one show even though it was a competition and his family was wonderful.

Shari Anton said...

Here's another show I missed. The gowns do look intriguing! Maybe I'll catch it on the bounce.
Anything really good or unusual I should be sure to see?

Diane Perkins said...

shari, you can pick up the last episodes on Bravo! and I'm sure Season 3 will be out soon on DVD

Diana Holquist said...

My daughter and I got hooked on this show--our first since we moved and, to my horror, got a TV. I resisted watching it and resisted, but she loves to sew and what could I do..? I couldn't let her watch it alone : )

Right now she's in her room, sewing purple splotches on a green t-shirt. I think she liked Jefferey best.

But Diane, how can you like Laura after she accused Jefferey of cheating? My kids and I have been talking about that endlessly...I really think she did the wrong thing.


Diane Perkins said...

I'm days away from your post and you might not look at it, but I'm not sure that Jeffrey didn't cheat. Michael and Uli could see Laura's point. It was unprovable though. I mean, he employed seamstresses in his shop... How hard could it have been for him to say, "Maria, sew this seam for me."
He did say on the website in an interview or something I saw, he kept his staff carefully away from his Project Runway work, so maybe I'm not being fair to him.
I admired Laura for speaking up and then for so graciously accepting the judgement of the producers. She never said anything else about it after the decision was made. Can you imagine what Jeffrey would have done if the situation were reversed? I imagine he's still talking about Angela's mother.
I also wonder how much is contrived for added drama. Perhaps the producers said, "Let's build some conflict and tension here...."