Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Win a TMX Elmo

The minute I heard about TMX Elmo, I knew he would be the perfect raffle item to help raise money for Freedom House, a shelter for battered women. It's an organization that does important things in the lives of desperate women. I've been a sexual assault first responder volunteer for Freedom House since May and I'm deeply touched by their kindness, understanding and dedication to helping others. But Freedom House is supported totally by grants and charitable contributions. Because of the lack of funding, needy women are falling through the cracks. I wanted to do what I could to help, hence, the raffle.

Just one problem. How was I going to get my hands on the hottest toy of the year? It started with a trip to Wal-mart, Target and Toys R Us on the day after TMX Elmo was released. Sold out. I went to three more Wal-marts in another town and two more Targets. No Elmo. Sigh. Got online. Nobody was selling Elmo online. Talked to store managers. They assured me that yes, they were getting more Elmos.

My closest Wal-mart told me they stocked the shelves at midnight and if I came in then I'd have a better chance. Just one problem. They couldn't tell me what day. So every night at midnight, out of the pjs and into the blue jeans I went. This went on for two weeks.

One night, I decided to blow off the Wal-mart trek. Went the next night instead.
"Oh," says the toy department clerk. "Elmo came in last night and he was gone in under ten minutes." Grrr.

Back to talk to the manager. She said they decided midnight Elmo was unfair--no kidding--and they're going to be goind 6 a.m. Elmo because it was more fair. To who? Bakers? Being so not a morning person, this is when I said, "Freedom House, you're on your own."

Then three days later, I was busying writing away when hubby comes into my office dancing the cha-cha. "I got two Elmos," he sings.

"What? How? Who did you sleep with?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

"No particularly, just give me the Elmos."

He never would tell me where or how he got them since I said I didn't want to know. I'm terrified to press in case he'll tell me he got them on e-bay for $200 a piece. But here's the deal. Now I have Elmo in hand and he's up for grabs. If you'd like to buy a raffle ticket, send $1.00 per chance along with an index card with your name, addy, e-mail addy and phone number to:

Lori Wilde
PO Box 31
Weatherford, Tx. 76086

Your information will be held strictly confidential. Raffle drawing will be held on Dec. 10th. and Elmo expess shipped to you just in time for Christmas.

So let's hear it. Have you ever done something crazy to get your hands on a hot Christmas toy?


Diane Perkins said...

What a wonderful thing to do, Lori, and what a hero of a husband you have!

Diana Holquist said...

Great story! Great cause! I have no idea what a TMX Elmo is (Too Many Xanex? Toy Mini Xylophones?), but I'm in.

And no, I've never done anything crazy for a hot toy. Now, for that last pint of Ben & Jerry's Super Fudge Chunk at the Acme, well...that's another story...


Lori Wilde said...

You've got to check out Tickle Me Elmo on Youtube. He's hysterical. It's the ten anniversary Elmo. He laughs uproariously, slaps his leg, falls down, then jumps back up. You can't help but laugh.


Rikz said...

OMG, hehehe.. I just watched the video. He is adorable!

Lori, what is he saying? It sounds like 'hahaha, I did it again' ..??

Oh, what fun for the person who wins! Good luck to those who are able to enter!

Hehehe... still grinning at him..


Lori Wilde said...


He says, Do it again. Then after you tickle him several times he says, "Give Elmo a break." You stop tickling him and he comes back with "Do it again." He says some stuff while he's laughing but he's laughing so hard you can't understand what he's staying. You can't help put laugh when he does.

Rikz said...

Aww, he is too cute. LOL.. Do it again.. Hehehe.. Too funny..

I didn't know about this craze until you mentioned it but now I'm noticing that the search for toys on Yahoo has Elmo coming first. And there is a video of him jumping off of the shelves. At this rate I wonder if it'll make it to S.A!

Your hubby is a gem for getting you two! Enjoy, Lori! ;-)


Larissa said...

I love Elmo!!! This one is SO cute! :)

Shari Anton said...

Hot toys - anyone else remember the Cabbage Patch craze? They're readily available now, but when they first came out, Every Kid needed their own baby to adopt. So I stood in lines a mile long, and sent my poor mother to "other" mile long lines to get those dolls -- without success. Then Mom noticed they were available in the Sears catalog and ordered them, and they came right in time for Christmas!