Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Elmo to dogs to horses

I thought the Elmo to dogs to horses was a logical progression as I read over Lori's post on the Elmo's she'd been trying to get and Elizabeth's untrained dogs. I had to think of our six horses - trained by my husband and fed by me. As a young girl I went through usual horsey stage - dreamed of working in a stable, read My Friend Flicka, The Black Stallion Books and Black Beauty of course. I grew up with the usual romanticized view of horses and all things equine. And then we got our own horses and I realized something. The canine appelation for a contrary woman is wrong, wrong, wrong. Trust me. A dog has nothing on a mare when it comes to contrariness, orneriness and just plain mean. Oh, they're not mean to me! They wouldn't dare. My husband would have that thing on the trailer before it could so much as flatten it's ears again. Besides, I feed the darn things all winter. No. They are nasty to each other. Constantly. My favourite horse, a quiet, tame thing, my sweet horse Spook, who was always so shy and retiring was always getting beat on, kicked at, bit and chased. This was so because she was the 'new horse'. Then we got another 'new horse' and one would think that, after being on the bottom, my Spook would know what it feels like and welcome this new horse. Help him along. WRONG. She's biting and baring her teeth and flattening her ears along with the others and taking her own licks when she comes to close to the boss's feed pile. I was sad to see her bow to such peer pressure. I had really thought that her suffering would have made her more sympathetic to the newcomer's plight. I don't think Flicka would have been so petty.

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Diane Perkins said...

hey, Carolyn, I'll bet my cats hate each other more than your horses hate each other (Possible book title: Duel of the Warring Animals).

I thought horses were herd animals....